Silver Persian Cat

Chinnie may have been a silver mackerel or spotted tabby longhair with weak markings diffused by her long hair. If you are looking for a tiny persian kitten, we highly recommend a silver or gold.

Chinchilla Silver Persian Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Cute

And there are just as many varieties of persian cats, including tortoiseshell, calico, and.

Silver persian cat. Since 1986, silver estate has been known for our award winning silver and golden persians and our name is recognized all over the world. The price of persians varies greatly. To read the full history of the persian breed click here.

The united silver and golden fanciers club is an international cat club sanctioned by the cat fanciers’ association, inc. A kitten is either shaded silver (white with gray markings) or chinchilla silver (white with hint of silver tipping). Silver persian kittens as well as our golden persian kittens are the smallest in size and are considered teacups.

Our kittens come from fabulous lines, and possess excellent health and longevity, outstanding appearance, and calm, gentle, loving and engaging temperaments. The origin of the chinchilla persian was a female cat called chinnie, born in 1882 when silver tabbies and black smokes were already familiar. The silver persian cat is not really silver per say, but an almost white cat with black “tipping” on the ends of the fur which gives them a sparkling silver appearance, they are said to be the most ethereal of all persians.

The fluctuation in price depends on many factors such as where their breeder locates, where the owner lives (it is widely believed that persians cats in east coast are more expensive than ones in central and west coast), the breeder’s reputation, their lineage, age and color. The shaded silver is similar to the chinchilla but has darker markings. All of our cats and kittens are registered with the cat fanciers association (cfa) and are raised underfoot in our home with love, patience, and personal attention.

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We also have exotics to. With an adorable doll face cute turn up nose that has amazing eye color already a turquoise color. Despite their appearances in cat food commercials, persians can come in a wide range of colors and varieties.

They are classified as the silver cat. There are 334 silver persian cat for sale on etsy, and they cost $68.61 on average. Doll face shaded silver persian kittens for sale

A silver chinchilla female persian kitten that has a snow white silver chinchilla silky coat. The look is timeless and elegant, and they have always been described as regal and exquisite in appearance. Pure royalty persians offers shaded golden & silver shaded himalayan point smoked tabby blue or chinchilla silver chinchilla golden persian kittens for sale.

Contact us today to learn more info about our kittens! We have invested many years into perfecting our shaded silver persian breeding program. And is dedicated to all things related to silver and golden persian and silver and golden exotic cats.

The most common silver persian cat material is metal. While we may have other coat colors that are smaller, genetically these two color categories are the smallest! Caring for a persian cat.

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Health guaranteed silver estate is a small cfa registered cattery in southern california specializing in silver and golden persian cats and kittens. Silver persian kittens, shaded silver persian kittens, silver persian cats, silver cat breeders, teacup persian kittens for sale to view all of our currently available silver persian kittens please visit our website. These tips can help keep your persian cat’s motor running and minimize the hair you’ll find around your house.

Welcome to our himalayan persian cat web site. We have been breeding since 1990. The silver and golden division consists of chinchilla and shaded silvers and goldens.

My name is kathie wilson from rotorua, new zealand. Recognized by the cat fancy since the late 19th century, it was developed first by the. We fulfill our membership requirements by publishing the united silver and golden fanciers quarterly publication.

It is a “breed” of classic, incredible beauty, considered by many to be the most beautiful persian color, if not “the fairest of them all.” Originchinchilla persian breeds can trace back their origin to beautiful persian cats. Her coat is a clean, silky chinchilla coat !

All my cats parents are from dna pkd (polycystic kidney disease) negative. Chinchilla is one of the types of persian cat. The exquisite silvers are considered the most ethereal of all persians.

The chinchilla is a sparkling white cat with black tipping scattered as evenly as stardust, ever so lightly, on the face, legs, tail and body. This cat is known for its beauty and elegance. This colour variant has its origins in the uk in the 1800s.

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They really are the ultimate luxury persian kittens. Starting off with shaded silver persians. If you are searching for shaded silver persian kittens for sale and would like to be considered for one of our shaded silver or chinchilla silver babies, please go our available kittens page and fill out a kitten application.

Depending on the degree of tipping or shading,. Chinnie is considered to be the first chinchilla cat that was bred in 1882 and can, therefore, be considered as the head of the chinchilla breeds.body […] See more ideas about cats, chinchilla, persian cat.

Like all cats, persians need a healthy diet, daily exercise, and lots of love as well as a little special attention when it comes to grooming. Four years later we changed to himalayan colour point persians cats. The silver persian has long been referred to as the “rolls royce” of the cat world.

Her weak markings would be considered heavy by modern standards.

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