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Peter parker x reader soulmate au. I hope that all of you are healthy and doing okay during these crazy times.i got inspiration for this while listening to billie’s “everything i wanted”.

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Panic (male reader) peter parker’s lucky pencil.

Peter parker x male reader. You walked through the halls of midtown school of science and tech. As i was almost back to the compound when night finally stuck and my phone started to buzz in my pocket. You’re convinced that your best friend is your soulmate.

I pulled it out and saw that i had 3 missed calls from peter and multiple from ned. She is surrounded by many heroes and dreams to be one, but she her quirk is viewed as 'villainous'. I usually try to keep the readers gender open to interpretation unless i specifically say something, or it’s a request.

Peter parker x male reader. Peter parker (tom holland) x male!reader pronouns: “heights and alcohol, typically not the best combination.” a male’s voice teased.

Just because you and peter are different, doesn’t mean that your relationship isn’t strong. How do i tell a boy that i want to kiss him? Peter parker x stark!reader (soulmate au) requested by:

(good news!) bucky x reader (fluff) part 1 bucky x reader (fluff) part 2. Peter parker, most popular guy in the school. I just wanna get some.

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Peter parker x reader masterlist. Where ned and mj are your best friends, and peter is your boyfriend. Male reader, he/him pronouns, lots and lots of fluff (i warned you), adult (18 y/o) dating a minor (16 y/o) wordcount:

A mission gone wrong changes things drastically word count: A mission gone wrong changes things drastically word count: I tried to make my mind as dirty as ever.

It would mean the world to me!! Imagines #spiderman homecoming #spiderman fanfiction #peter parker imagine #tom holland imagines #tom holland fan fiction #peter parker x reader #petersspidey #tom holland imagine #sam winchester #supernatural #dean winchester #dean winchester imagine #sam. It’s okay (drabble) in your bed, with you?

You bit the inside of your cheek and scowled, turning to bark back an insult at the nosy man. You can get creative with it and of it ends out different its okay, i like when the author usually takes it how they. Hi, can i have a male!reader imagine with peter??

Like maybe a new student at midtown and he shares common interests with peter and it’s cute and fluffy?? Opposites attract | peter parker x male! Peter wasn't someone who knew a lot about dating.

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(yandere!peter parker x reader) a new sector to the s.h.i.e.l.d facility has finally been passed off as legal, despite the contradictories to the constitution. Peter parker x male reader. ” you heard someone call.

Because of this, there is now a new option for court trials; Especially because most of these movies were straight and peter needed help with asking a guy out. Peter parker x male reader.

Get some ( peter parker x reader ) smut smut ahead. Parker/mary jane watson (4) peter parker/mary jane watson (3) peter parker & reader (3) I hope that all of you are healthy and doing okay during these crazy times.i got inspiration for this while listening to billie’s “everything i wanted”.

Peter x reader (smut) pietro x reader (smut) i'm beyond angry please read!! This fic was requested by @bubblegummbutts about a. Reader x marvel] (y/n) (l/n) lives in new york.

Aside from the death and prison sentences. He had watched a lot of romance and drama movies lately, but it didn't help him to learn more about it. What would’ve happened if y/n was in sm:

Originally posted by spderman “we have a new student to decathlon, welcome y/f/n y/l/n,” the teacher announced. Where ned and mj are your best friends, and peter is your boyfriend. Tony has an apprentice his name is peter parker, or spiderman i'm honestly surprised you haven't heard about him. promoted stories.

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You turned to see the angel. Peter parker/reader (17) peter benjamin parker/reader (5) peter b. Peter parker and you :), mentions ned leeds.

Unforgettable (peter parker x reader) safe and sound. This is my first soulmate au i’ve done so i was a bit wary but i really hope you enjoy it. Hey, can you do a peter x male!reader where both them and ned are at a party and flash does s thing that embarrasses petter and the reader sasses him out or something.

Disappointed in how society views people such as her, she joins a certain anti hero in a red suit, wanting to prove that she.

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