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The alpha sat up too and faced his omega. But peter didn’t think he was ready.

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Why would i not love you?(omegaverse starker or peter parker x tony stark) fanfiction.

Omega peter parker alpha tony stark fanfiction. I’ll see ya later,” peter’s voice rings out in the silence of the workshop, and tony’s heart fucking flutters.“kid,” tony says, though it’s more of a reminder than a term of endearment.“hey, mr. He wanted to get his. Of course, the omega in him had yearned quietly for children ever since he started going through puberty, but peter’s priority had always been to make a name for himself in science.

Posts that aren't fanfiction are tagged as #not fic and reblogged fanfiction is tagged as #reblog. Therefore back off and stay away from our omega.” tony warned and clint growled lowly at tony’s words but technically it was true, you were as much theirs and they were yours. Tony stark steve rogers alpha steve rogers omega tony stark peter parker peter stark rogers mary stark rogers superhusbands superfamily stony stevetony stony fanfiction stony fic stony drabble superhusbands fanfiction superhusbands fic stevetony fanfiction stevetony fic fanfiction writing domestic stony domestic stevetony domestic avengers love.

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Tony ran to the bathroom to make. Howard stark [49] hulk [43] james rhodes [43] jane foster [34] jarvis [60] laufey [14] loki [458] maria hill [21] natasha romanov [263] obadiah stane [14] peggy carter [20] pepper potts [104] peter parker [36] phil coulson [227] pietro maximoff [2] sam wilson [32] sif [19] steve rogers [889] thanos [7] thor [282] tony stark [1232] wanda. Peter parker is an omega.

This blog will sometimes reblog things; Even at a young age he is one of the most powerful beings in the universe.13 the celestials have described him as being beyond omega classification.14 franklin is the son of dr. Peter also smiled into the kiss before pulling away and running into the bathroom conjoined to their room and threw up.

He wanted to get his. It was an unwritten statement all the alpha’s had agreed to. Reed richards aka mister fantastic and susan richards aka the invisible woman of the fantastic four.

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Peter parker is kidnapped and take across space to be sold in an omega auction. An automated ao3 feed for the platonic father/son relationship of tony stark and peter parker. What does it that she belongs to the avengers and right now, that title does belong to you.

He hide it from the avengers everyone except tony thought he was a beta tony stark on the other hand is an alpha he has noticed that his mate was hiding his rank from everyone. But peter didn’t think he was ready. Tony smiled as he pressed a kiss to peter's warm lips.

In order to protect it from evil entities once more, she and peter parker are sent from their lives in new york city to a different universe, in konoha. His parents were exposed to. Of course, the omega in him had yearned quietly for children ever since he started going through puberty, but peter’s priority had always been to make a name for himself in science.

Tony stark, an alpha, and peter parker, an omega, become mates. Here come's long peter quill to saves the day, or is tony stark going flip his lid? Alpha/beta/omega dynamics, omega verse, alpha/omega, omega tony stark, alpha steve rogers, omega peter parker, alpha mary, alpha wade wilson, superhusbands, superfamily, family dynamics, family feels, family fluff, fluff, fluff and angst, tony stark needs a hug, tony stark has a heart, tony stark feels, protective steve rogers, happy ending

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[naruto/avengers crossover][various!naruto x reader] after the endgame, (y/n) (l/n) unintentionally became the possessor and user of the mind stone.

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