Feral Cat Feeding Station Raccoon Proof

If you have stray and feral, or outdoor cats you’re feeding, honestly, i think this is a good bet. What you could do is take and old table that is at least 3 feet tall and then wrap a piece of luan around the table and fasten it to the table.

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The hopper has a large capacity of 6.5lbs and allows you to preprogram the feeder to dispense food up to 3 times a day or simply select multiple.

Feral cat feeding station raccoon proof. Alley cat allies has protected and improved the lives of cats for 30 years. See more ideas about cat shelter, diy stuffed animals, feral cat shelter. In fact, some cats tend to avoid feeding stations that have high competition.

I set up different feeding stations i have 2 aways from the cat feeding station have black oil sunflower seeds and put alittle bit of cat food there and the trays are all in those storage tubs put on their sides with their plates in it took alittle bit but made sure that was the only place they would find food and id wait for the cats to come in and put the food down for them in their station. (the cats have already been trapped, spayed/neutered) i plan on using a piece of steel pipe for the center column. Raccoons can climb very well and are able to jump in a straight line from one point to another.

Sadly, cats could be hurt by many of these animals as they fight for food. Most cats can jump up into the feeder, but there is also a low platform to assist those who need help. Raccoon proof feral cat feeder raccoons can climb but not jump up very well.

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But when you place food outdoors, you’re basically inviting all kinds of wildlife to a free buffet! And the results were negative, which means it is impossible for raccoons to steal your cat food. Raccoons can climb, but they are not good jumpers.

With feral cats, the more privacy, the better. Feral cat feeder feral cat shelter feral cats raccoon proof socializing feral cats taming feral cats winter luckyferals lucky ferals is a cat family vlog starring stella, her boyfriend boo, their sons splash and simba, and their older relative hydrox (all formerly feral cats). Instructions can be found here.

Raccoon proof feral cat feeding station. From simple diy designs with rubbermaid totes up to expensively built cat houses, there are a million ways you can set up an outside cat feeding station. About the only way to make it raccoon proof is to raise it high enough so that the cats can still jump up, but the raccoon can not.

This is just a shot in the dark, but maybe someone will know. Raccoon proof feral feeding station woohoo i made this from raccoon proof cat feeder hi help needed please to raccoon proof feeding station from raccoon proof cat feeder. The ideal location of a feeding station is a spot the caretaker can easily access but is hidden or inaccessible to the public.

Here, you’ll learn how you can build a feeding station for the community cats in your neighborhood. In fact, this pet feeder has been tested to see if raccoons can be able to force it to provide more food. Feeding feral cats is such a noble, fun deed.

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Outdoor cat shelter for cold weather diy cat house ideas can be made of simple repurposed materials. Tnr feral cat feeding station with raccoon raiders. The petsafe feeder is known to be the best automatic cat feeder.this feeder is also a raccoon proof one that has been one of the best sellers in the market.

I am in the planning stages to build a raccoon proof elevated feeding station for a couple of feral cats. Surefeed microchip pet feeder for wet & dry food. Any experience or suggestions would be appreciated.

Blend the station in with its surroundings, like placing it behind a pile of rocks in an open field or under a large board in an alley. None of the cat feeders comes marked as raccoon proof. Petsafe healthy pet gravity food or water station, automatic dog and cat feeder or water dispenser, small, medium, large 4.4 out of 5 stars 10,371 $16.95 $ 16.

The feeder is on a 40” tall 4×4 post and has a sheet metal skirt mounted on the base of the feeder, which prevents raccoons from climbing up the pole to get inside. Tnr feral cat feeding station with raccoon raiders. Outdoor feeding stations for cats part ii:

Your feeder should also be enclosed with a waterproof roof to keep the cats and the food dry. The sheeting at the bottom keeps animals climbing straight up the base. Amazon com raccoon proof bird feeder product description shutting off the seed supply bird feeder is fully assembled includes furiosa s cat feeder blondihacks the trick is to be smarter than the animal with a brain the size.

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You can buy winter cat shelters to repurpose as a feeding station. To make things easier, i have prepared a list of the best 5 raccoon proof cat feeders that will help you keep the coons out of your cat’s plate. However, there may be times when they could use a helping hand.

However, some cat feeders are better at keeping raccoons away than others. Guest stars include ditto, other feral cats from the local tribe, raccoons, possums, skunks, deer, geese, squirrels, birds, groundhogs, bugs, and more. Feeding outdoor cats doesn’t mean you also have to feed raccoons, possums, skunks and other critters.

Lucky ferals is a cat family vlog starring stella, her boyfriend boo, their sons splash and simba, and their older relative hydrox (all formerly feral cats). There have been some raccoons clever enough to get into it, but rarely do they seem to.

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