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They can give the perfect, iconic, mischievous look of the chesire cat, one of the most amazing and fun creatures in this fictional world. This eccentric feline lens design is perfect for for cats, devils, vampires, and other scary or sexy makeup/costume effects.

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Cat contact lenses range from 14 to 18mm diameter/8.3 to 9.4 base curve/0 power;

Cat contact lenses reviews. Be that smitten kitten with these crazy cat eyes. White cat contact lenses are a weighted cat eye lens that is sure to get attention. Our halloween contact lenses are fda approved and have a high water content making our lenses very comfortable to wear.

Cat eyes contact lenses make the costume. The contact lenses are easy to put in and would stay in place the whole time you wear them due to the weight at the bottom of the contact lenses. One of the best experiences i had with customer support.

Doesn't impair visibility lasts for 90 days once opened 38% water packaged in sterile buffered isotonic saline prism ballast technology Multi rainbow colored contact lenses (yearly/14.5mm) $21.98 $21.99. The weight in the lens ( called a prism ballast ) keeps the cat eye design from spinning around in your eye.

Geolica holicat cutie cat brown coloured contact lenses are the fashion on your eyes with various style of colour lenses and enjoy the difference. Why not try them with a witcher cosplay and replicate geralt of rivia's yellow cat eyes! Other cool cat eye lenses are the cheshire cat lens and banshee lenses!

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These contact lenses will not glow without the aid of a uv reactive light. Other cool vampire lenses you may want to check out are the louis lenses and the red vampire contact lenses. It's very easy with these amazing cat eyes contact lenses.

Ocean jade colored contact lenses. Prism ballast keeps lenses aligned correctly* 2 cat eyes contact lenses per box; So if you are looking for true cats eyes, then don't accept any substitute and buy these today, you will not be disappointed.

38% water, 62% polymacon immersed in 0.9% buffered saline solution usp. Yellow cat contact lenses are composed of 63 percent polymacon, a soft and adaptable material that fits the unique shape of your eyes like a glove. We have 8 styles of cat eye contacts to choose from in many colors!

Reviews there are no reviews yet. I've been a desio customer for years, and imho they have the best color contact lenses in the market. If you're thinking of a sexy and cool costume for your party why not become a cat?

Reviews on scleral contact lenses are creepy, scary, scleral halloween lenses your thing? Black cross halloween contact lenses (yearly/14.5mm) $23.98. Dog bandage contact lenses range from 15.5 to 22mm diameter/8.5 to 11.8 base curve/0 power;

Just put on makeups and show your cat that you have the same eyes with her!. Hit that halloween event like never before with sclera’s cat eye contact lenses. Our cat eye lenses are weighted so they will stay in place and not rotate.

These contacts can totally change the way your eyes look like, and help you to look more like a cat! Shop yellow cat eye contacts at vampfangs. For this purchase i needed to contact customer support, the person who took my messages on whatsapp was kind, warm and understanding, my problem was solved very quickly and very satisfactory.

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Honeycolor offers best quality colored contacts, color contact lenses, prescription cosplay contacts, halloween contacts, circle lens, circle lenses. Chesire cat contact lenses are the best choice to have the distinctive look of the magical cat in alice’s adventures in wonderland. As the name says, colourvue cat eyes contact lenses provide the amazing effect of a cat's slit eyes, that will surely make your cat costume complete.

Go on the prowl with our feline cat eye contact lenses. These scary yellow cat eye contact lenses will have your friends talking about your eyes for weeks after the event. These lenses have a steel blue look with a dark outer ring.

Soft contact lenses remover and insertion tool, contact tweezers and soft silicone scoop for girls with long nails,perfect gift for ladies (green) 3.4 out of 5 stars 274 $11.99 $ 11. Our cool cat contacts feature a classic vertical cats eye pupil and. Three monthly disposable contact lenses;

You may also like our halloween contact lenses, werewolf contact lenses and vampire contact lenses. Wildcat green colored contact lenses. Lens case for crazy or colored contact lenses (1 pcs) $ 1.85.

The most trusted source for cat eye contacts in the united states since 1993. Contact lens basics when using a contact lens, a topical antibiotic drop should be applied at least twice daily. White cat contact lenses by gothika will give you the distinctive look of the great feature.

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Evil red halloween colored contact lenses (yearly/14.5mm). Ragdoll cat blue halloween colored contact lenses (yearly/14.5mm) $19.99 $49. I ordered the yellow cat contacts because i wanted to switch up from just regular colored enhancer contacts.

Browse our special range of halloween lenses that customize your eye color with that bold and classic look. Hypnotize your prey with the hunter’s intense concentration. Our lestat contact lenses were inspired by the hit movie interview with the vampire.

These neon yellow lenses are sure to give you the glowing effect of a cat prowling at night so make sure to pick up a pair of yellow cat prescription lenses. Tips for wear colored contacts 1. White out halloween contact lenses (yearly/14.5mm) $21.99 $39.99.

Ocean cyan grey colored contact lenses. Add the finishing touch to your halloween costume, scleral contact lenses are a wild accessory to your wardrobe.

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