Cat Chewing Blind Cords

How can we keep the love alive? As tempting as they are, blinds cords can be harmful to kitties.

Be careful w/ strings ribbons fishing line…. has became

Thank u and very easy to put on cables and cords.

Cat chewing blind cords. There are several ways to do this. Does anyone know of anything i can safely spray. The cat can no longer reach them.

For other household cable and cord cover protection. Also, clawing is less likely to damage the cords than chewing, and even a thin piece of cloth can make it more difficult for the cat to actually bite through the cord. One theory is that the cord resembles another animal's tail and that basic feline instinct compels the cat to attack anything that looks like a tail—although this reasoning doesn't address why the cat would continue to chew the cord once it discovers there's no animal attached.

Another cat as a playmate is not an option right now. Any other ideas on how i can get her to stop chewing on the blind strings? (my cat loves to chew plastic bags!) level 2.

Consider wrapping cords in rubber covers that can be purchased at most stores that sell electrical and home repair supplies. Make the cords taste bad: He could play with it all he wanted.

I'm trying not to cry as i write this. Fortunately, it is largely preventable. You can also rub them with a citrus scent, which cats dislike and will avoid.

Is your cat crawling up curtains, chewing cords, digging in trash, jumping on counters or tables, ripping carpet or rugs, here are some tips for training your cat at home. Added another cat to home and he is a chewing fool. Kittens in particular can chew cords as part of their exploratory development.

The younger the cat, the more playful they will be; “just wanted you to know i got cable covers, they are purrfect. My cat really likes bitter apple, and will chew and lick it until it's gone.

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Make sure there are no loose threads though, because cats like to chew or eat those. There's some mystery surrounding why cats choose electrical cords to chew on. Try a thumbtack and hang the strings above the window.

Roller blind cords are one of the biggest temptations for a cat, as this swinging piece of cord is essentially a massive bit of string for them to play with. My 5 month old kitty that i've had for a month has started chewing on the edges of our blinds. Some of these are perfectly safe, while others, like plastic bags, venetian blind cords, curtains and rods and electrical cords, can be downright dangerous, both to you and to your cat.

Chewing on cords is a dangerous activity that should be actively prevented as it presents a choking hazard, as well as the possibility of injury and death from. Amy pike, dvm, of veterinary behavior consultations in st. It's clear that cats chewing on electrical cords and wires is a serious danger to everyone in your home.

It outrages me that so many people don't take this bad. Both of these are favorites of all cats and easily remedied. Cords are commonly mistaken for cat toys, so be sure to keep them out of reach whenever possible.

It is guaranteed to leave a bad taste in your cat's mouth, one that he won't long forget. For a phone charging cord, try something thicker and more heavy duty. Where she’s still so young a tiny butt boop doesn’t register as anything but playtime to her.

It will take time to get her out of the habit of chewing nonfood items. Drapery, blind, and electrical cords. How to stop cats from chewing on cords.

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Can't get him to stop chewing on the blind cords so i may as well take pictures of him doing it. Train your cat at home is your house your house or is it your cat's house? And kittens, in particular, like to chew on things.

Most of them are normal household items, such as milk jug rings, the plastic ends of mini blind cords and straws,” explains dr. As for the shoelaces, tuck the laces inside the shoes and get a shoe rack for you closet. Destructive chewing is usually an issue with dogs, but sometimes a cat is a chewer.

Keep cords wrapped out of kitten's reach with a cord cleat or tied up in a bundle. By far one of the best training tools for any kind of destructive chewing is bitter apple spray. 62 points · 3 years ago.

My little “ultimate guide to stopping worrisome cat chewing” includes 6 tactics to try, depending on your cat’s situation. Usually stops the chewing problem. Cats love to play with household items.

Chewsafe™ cord protectors are designed to discourage most pets from dangerous and destructive cord chewing. Tips to keep your cat from chewing cords. Be advised you may need to reapply this to the area you want your cat to avoid, especially if you have a persistent cat.

“i occasionally see a cat who likes to chew plastic. My cat plays with the blind strings too. When i have a cat with a chewing problem, i give them something that is the same thing, only better.

Posted by 3 years ago. For the blind cord, i used a thicker braided cord with a toy on the end. This didn't have to happen!

Here are some of the best ways to deter your cat from using wires as a chew toy: As with plastic bags, cats can find the oral sensation of chewing on cords pleasant. A dangerous household item cats often chew is electrical cord and wire.

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My cat climbs and claws at the curtains. Putting the cords inside pvc tubing is also an option. Placing it on the cat tree signaled reverend jim that this was his.

Watching the world go by is kind of like kitty tv. While usually more of a nuisance, chewing electrical cords, toxic plants and containers with toxic chemicals, medications, and harmful human foods can cause big problems with a chewing cat. We had to pay a deposit for having a pet and i'm sure that will cover the damage but i don't know how far it will go if she completely destroys them!

My boyfriend's 9 year old cat, thomas, passed away last night and he didn't have to. Your cat didn’t become a freaky eater. Apparently, thomas was a chewer of electrical cords, and he died from electrocution.

Cords and wires are concern number one. Kitten obsessed with chewing cords i just adopted a 9 week old kitten (having one this small has been a while for me) and she has an obsession with chewing on cords (chargers, internet cables, etc). Our hoa allows only 3 pets and both, my husband and i, want to wait til one.

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