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They are “rare” colored french bulldogs and come in blue brindle, solid blue, blue piebald and blue fawn piebald colors which are undesirable according to kennel club breed standards. But blue is a specialty color that is very popular and will increase the price of this puppy by at least $1000.

Blue fawn French Bulldog puppy Fawn french bulldog

Standard brindle frenchies have a predominant black coat with lighter colored hairs mixed in.

Blue brindle french bulldog cost. Blue brindle french bulldogs have a blue/grey coat and a grayish blue nose with a slight touch of brindle striping. The french bulldog price varies depending on breed lines, location, coloring and other factors. Blue brindle french bulldogs showcase an elegant steel gray to deep blue shade with beautiful brindle striping that appears once the puppies reach 2 4 weeks in age.

You can find them in acceptable akc color standards such as fawn, brindle, cream, and white, as well as in rare lilac, isabella, blue, chocolate, and sable coats. French bulldog breed comes in different coat color variations. The beautiful blue (gray) french bulldog color is a results of a dilution gene.

But when looking for your new dog there can be risks involved, meaning that care needs to be. They usually have a little chocolate touch. A pup from a well documented pedigree can run you well over $3500.

Color choice also affects the cost of french bulldog puppies. When a dog has two copies of the d allele (dd), a black dog will become blue. Our blue brindle frenchies are carefully bred with double dilute genes from both the mother and father, giving them their distinct coloring and dramatic light eyes.

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Here is the list of colors accepted by the akc: If you enjoy the breed’s personality and don’t care if your dog is registered, you can save money by adopting your frenchie from a shelter or rescue. In the uk, blue french bulldogs can cost between £1,500 and £2,000 for a puppy.

Reverse brindle blue french bulldog male price: Acceptable french bulldog colors french bulldog breed is famous for its wide variety of colors. Our french bulldog puppies come with a health guarantee, microchip, current on vaccinations and deworming, akc papers.

Pied brindle frenchies have a white, eggshell or cream coat with a few to many patches of dark colored hair. The blue french bulldog color is in the rare or exotic color price range. The typical sale price is $2,200 for a purebred frenchie that has been health checked.

The blue brindle usually develops it’s brindle striping when they are around one month old. The lighter colored hairs can be virtually non existent (a seal brindle appears to be pure black, but close inspection will reveal some lighter hairs) to the lighter hairs being more prominent than the dark hairs (which results in a reverse brindle). The cost of the french bulldog depends on the age, gender, fur color, health condition, breeder, parent’s history, geographical location and inclusions with the adoption.

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Blue brindle french bulldog puppies. Desirable but rare colors such as bluegrey or black and tan will cost more than common colors like fawn pied or brindle. Despite the large number of frenchie colors, the akc standard for french bulldogs only accepts 9 colors/patterns.anything else besides the following colors are grounds for disqualification:

However, we’ve managed to identify the 8 most common and prevalent colors. The cost of a french bulldog puppy will range from $1,500 and $3,000 usd. Thor) and lightning, along with their handsome black brindle brother, storm.

A solid coat includes fawn, cream, and brindle. The cost is very high for this pup if you want to buy a merle french bulldog for sale. Frenchies come in a few different colors, brindle is a tricolor coat that is often spotted or mottled and is one of the more common colors.

If you breed a pied frenchie with a fully blue one, you normally get a lovely blue pied pup. The dilution gene affects eumelanin (liver and black coats), in some instances, the red coat as well. Desirable but rare colors such as blue/grey or black and tan will cost more than common colors like fawn, pied or brindle.

A merle french bulldog is amongst the highest priced french bulldog available. The initial french bulldog price. Blue pied frenchie puppies usually have light colored fur on chest, legs, and cheeks.

There can be many more color coat variations of the french bulldog. Breeders have also bred fawn, pied, cream, blue and black french bulldogs. All of the coat colors can come in a variation with a pattern (piebald, brindle, merle) + a different color.

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A blue brindle french bulldog has a blue/grey coat with some traces of brindle. Sometimes, the pied pattern may cover only one side of french bulldog’s face. With frenchie’s being one of the most popular dogs in the american kennel club, as well as worldwide, there is no shortage of blue frenchie puppies for sale;

The french bulldog is already a pretty expensive dog. It ultimately depends on which variation and rarity you want of the merle lineage. Bulldogs with orange eyes or isabella fur are the most expensive.

Here is a video of our gorgeous blue brindle puppies, thunder (aka: How much does a blue french bulldog cost? Blue brindle frenchie has a visible blue/grey coat with traces of brindle.

These can be visible when the puppy is around 4 weeks old. How much does a merle french bulldog cost?

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Blue French Bulldogs Breed Information, Price, Facts

Blue French Bulldogs Breed Information, Price, Facts

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Blue French Bulldogs Breed Information, Price, Facts

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