Friday, September 07, 2007


Samuel Bartley's Education Panel Review 30th October - Inclusive Social Justice

Thanks to everyone who has donated money, offered their services and support of Samuel and the Bartley family.

Jonathan asked me to convey the thanks of the family.

They are now gearing up for the panel hearing - there is still time to donate financial contributions to the £3K the family have had to raise to fight the tribunal hearing.

If you still want to donate - send to Ian at St Matthews made payable to Jonathan Bartley.

Otherwise lets keep praying and supporting Samuel and his family at this difficult time.

To see a copy of the report the national paper click here

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Wrath & Patience - Sins & Virtues

This month we continue with our theme of Deadly Sins and Spiritual Virtues, with the theme of wrath and patience.

We will reflect on these themes for the month - in services and discussions.

Remember, we shift from Tuesdays to Wednesday evenings.

So see you then.

For a full list of the events for this terms click here

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Monday, July 23, 2007



Many will know the Bartley Family who have been a key part of our Godly Play and Parish Fayre activities in Moot. Samuel Bartley – played a particularly important part in our last parish fayre – you will remember the laughing and fun he brought to the event. Unfortunately – Samuel has been prevented from entering school this year, due to real problems around not being accepted to attend the local School that one of his sisters already attends and his other sister is likely to. It is clear that this is not fair or just for Samuel and his family, and that the school and local authority in question are not seeking Samuel’s best interests.

This has now gone to a legal panel review meeting to review the local authorities decision to not let Samuel go to the local school – counter to the governments inclusion policy for children like Samuel who have the ability to enter main stream education system.

The Bartley’s therefore have to raise £3000 to cover the legal fees and specialist health, educational pyschologist, and specialist surveyor professions and solicitors to fight this review case. They are not entitled to financial support available for parents to fight these reviews – taking on the powers. They are under a lot of pressure, so I am therefore asking the Moot community to consider making donations to this fund by either sending cheques made payable to Jonathan Bartley to the address below – or by passing me donations that I will ensure end up with the family.

We don’t often get a practical opportunity to support people regarding justice issues in Moot – and this situation provides us with an opportunity to show kindness and really needed support.

To see a recent Day Telegraphy News Paper article on this covering the story - click here
So please do consider supporting this campaign.

Address for cheques made payable to "Jonathan Bartley": The Moot Community, St Matthews House, 20 Great Peter Street, London SW1P 2BU

Revd Ian Mobsby
Moot Missioner

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Monday, July 16, 2007


Thunderbird 7

Thunderbird 7, originally uploaded by andrewpaulcarr.

Mike prepares thunderbird 7 for an ancient-future faith experiment in going 'back to the future'

If anyone else has any photos from the rhythm of life service yesterday please add them into the moot Flickr group. Ta

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Sunday, July 15, 2007


moot rhythm of life service st pauls

The moot community held our first ever service to commit to our rhythm of life. The Bishop of London led the service which took place in St Paul's Cathedral.

It was a really fantastic evening. Thanks to everyone involved. To Aaron, Doerthe, Ian, Kat and Phillipa for pulling the liturgy together, for Clare and Kat for doing the readings, Jonny, Jim and Philip for praying for our community and for all those who helped set-up (particularly Andrew and Mike) and set-down. And thanks to Jonny for the pics.

I found the service very moving and was again struck by our the provocative and challenging words of our rhythm of life. As we as a community try to live out these 'values' I hope and pray that we would a sign of hope and life in our city.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Blah Learning Day on Emerging & Fresh Expressions of Church drawing on the catholic and contemplative traditions

May 12th | 10am to 3.30pm | STMW
Over the last year, a number of new and exciting emerging churches or fresh expressions of church drawing on the specifically catholic and/or contemplative traditions have developed and joined other emerging churches coming from or out of a more evangelical perspective. These voices are few - but are nevertheless important voices. This day will then give room to explore how Emerging & Fresh Expressions of Church drawing on the catholic and Contemplative traditions bring particular resources to engage with those who are spiritually searching and what it means to be church.
Explorations will include input from Simon Rundell of Blessed in Gosport and the Walsingham Youth Pilgrimage, Michael Volland, a pioneer minister working with Gloucester Cathedral and others.

For more information or to book a place click here

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Monday, April 02, 2007


moot god is dead service 2007

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