Monday, July 30, 2007


Moot Agape Leavers Service July 2007

It is with great sadness that we in Moot loose Kat, Pete, Phillipa, Gareth and Jonathan of our community to train in the Church of England in Oxford and Cambridge as they leave London from September. We couldn't let the moment pass without giving out some trainee dog collars with leads for their partners to keep them in control. In case you are getting confused - Sara going out with Dan is ASSISTING Jonathan only fit the important new symbolism of his role. Thanks for the photos from Lisa Martell. Add yours below if you have more!! Click on pics to see the detail!

For a copy of the liturgy see here:

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Gareth, Kat, Philippa, Jonathan

A short video clip from tonight's service..

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Benny Hill Vs Eminem With out Me

For amusement only.

There is a tradition of bootlegging here in the UK - mixing unusual things together for amusement.

This one is a mix of "Without Me" by Eminem, with the theme tune to Benny Hill.

Watch it and cry with laughter.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Moot Needs You


From Sept to Dec 07 - we need volunteers for involvement in our Small, Big, Scream and Eucharist Services....

See our wiki - of where we need people here

Otherwise please contact/speak to the following about getting involved....

Small & Big Services - James & Trine
Scream Services - Carey
Eucharist Services - Ian


Two Important Blah Learning Days on 15th Sept & 3rd Nov

Reimagining Leadership with Maggi Dawn and Doug Gay | 15th Sept 10am-3pm

For information on this see here
Venue: St Matthews Conference Centre, Westminster, London.

Emerging & Fresh Expressions of the Catholic & Contemplative Traditions | 3rd Nov 10-3pm

For information on this see here
Venue: St Matthews Conference Centre, Westminster, London.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Final Formal Moot Service of the Year - AGAPE this Sunday 29th

This Sunday we face an ending and a bit of a beginning for Moot. For the first time, we are sending three people off to theological college starting this September - along with their partners. So we will be saying a formal goodbye to a number of people including:
Phillipa Powell
Gareth Powell
Kat Campion-Spall
Pete Campion-Spall
Jonathan Mosedale

So this sunday at 6.30pm will be a time to celebrate what has been achieved (not totally finished until Greenbelt) and then praying for our journeys - that will from September divide to different places. For us who remain - I am pleased to say there are a number of people who will be joining us from September. So it will be different - but following a new phase of God.

We will be giving out presents on Sunday - so all contributions for presents will be gratefully received. There will be cards to sign too. To make donations - please use the donation button on the blog on the left hand side - don't worry about saying who you are - as the paypal payment system lets us know that. All financial support gratefully received

Monday, July 23, 2007



Many will know the Bartley Family who have been a key part of our Godly Play and Parish Fayre activities in Moot. Samuel Bartley – played a particularly important part in our last parish fayre – you will remember the laughing and fun he brought to the event. Unfortunately – Samuel has been prevented from entering school this year, due to real problems around not being accepted to attend the local School that one of his sisters already attends and his other sister is likely to. It is clear that this is not fair or just for Samuel and his family, and that the school and local authority in question are not seeking Samuel’s best interests.

This has now gone to a legal panel review meeting to review the local authorities decision to not let Samuel go to the local school – counter to the governments inclusion policy for children like Samuel who have the ability to enter main stream education system.

The Bartley’s therefore have to raise £3000 to cover the legal fees and specialist health, educational pyschologist, and specialist surveyor professions and solicitors to fight this review case. They are not entitled to financial support available for parents to fight these reviews – taking on the powers. They are under a lot of pressure, so I am therefore asking the Moot community to consider making donations to this fund by either sending cheques made payable to Jonathan Bartley to the address below – or by passing me donations that I will ensure end up with the family.

We don’t often get a practical opportunity to support people regarding justice issues in Moot – and this situation provides us with an opportunity to show kindness and really needed support.

To see a recent Day Telegraphy News Paper article on this covering the story - click here
So please do consider supporting this campaign.

Address for cheques made payable to "Jonathan Bartley": The Moot Community, St Matthews House, 20 Great Peter Street, London SW1P 2BU

Revd Ian Mobsby
Moot Missioner

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Monday, July 16, 2007


Thunderbird 7

Thunderbird 7, originally uploaded by andrewpaulcarr.

Mike prepares thunderbird 7 for an ancient-future faith experiment in going 'back to the future'

If anyone else has any photos from the rhythm of life service yesterday please add them into the moot Flickr group. Ta

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Sunday, July 15, 2007


moot rhythm of life service st pauls

The moot community held our first ever service to commit to our rhythm of life. The Bishop of London led the service which took place in St Paul's Cathedral.

It was a really fantastic evening. Thanks to everyone involved. To Aaron, Doerthe, Ian, Kat and Phillipa for pulling the liturgy together, for Clare and Kat for doing the readings, Jonny, Jim and Philip for praying for our community and for all those who helped set-up (particularly Andrew and Mike) and set-down. And thanks to Jonny for the pics.

I found the service very moving and was again struck by our the provocative and challenging words of our rhythm of life. As we as a community try to live out these 'values' I hope and pray that we would a sign of hope and life in our city.

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Saturday, July 14, 2007


Robin Williams - Golf (Full Version)

I have never understood why so many of my close mates are so into golf - why? - when there are so many other forms of sport? I am more than aware that part of my adversion is because of early childhood experiences being dragged around a course with my Dad every week and not really liking the type of people you meet - not that there were many cool people on golf courses in Esher! So it has always a punishment thing for me.

Anyway - I was really pleased to find this sketch by one of my comedy heros who expresses much of my feelings on the matter

Thursday, July 12, 2007


It ain't necessarily so...

This event is being advertised through the London Chaplains' network, it looks really interesting. I've been reading a bit of James Alison myself lately and have found his writing a really useful tool for approaching the idea of atonement. Looks like the kind of thing some mooters might be interested in?

“It ain’t necessarily so” - Re-imagining Salvation for ‘Recovering Christians’, using Girardian perspectives and based on the work of James Alison. Saturday 21st July 2007 11am – 4pm

for those who want to re-imagine salvation; for anyone who needs, wants or is on the brink of discovering a new way of believing which remains utterly scriptural and based in catholic theology; and would like to be introduced to this way of 'seeing and inhabiting'

This interactive workshop is designed for those who are wanting to get into Girardian thinking and the work of James Alison. Using diagrams as a skeleton for our thinking we will explore the dynamic and meaning of God in Creation, Incarnation, Redemption and Atonement, Resurrection and Forgiveness.

Presented by David Cherry - Anglican Chaplain to the University of Westminster; Parish Priest of St Cyprian’s, Clarence Gate; and a tutor on the 2nd year of Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius and the Art of Spiritual Direction at the London Centre for Spirituality.

· Cost: £15 for this day-workshop
· Registration from 10.30am
· Please bring a packed lunch.
· Tea & coffee will be provided.

For info and booking email - davidcherry @

VENUE - St Cyprian’s, Clarence Gate, Glentworth St, NW1 6AX Baker St tube

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Mysticism against power?

I'm reading Michel Foucault at the moment for my dissertation and came across the following part about mysticism in Foucault's 'Security, Territory, Population' (2007). Foucault describes mysticism as a technique of 'counter-conduct' against the kind of power which was imposed by the Catholic Church before the Reformation (Foucault calls it the 'pastorate'). I think it is worthwhile thinking about mysticism as a form of counter-conduct even today when considering what Foucault writes on it:

'(...) A third form of counter-conduct is mysticism, that is to say, the privileged status of an experience that by definition escapes pastoral power. Basically, pastoral power developed a system of truth that, as you know, went from teaching to examination of the individual; a truth conveyed as dogma to all the faithful, and a truth extracted from each of them as a secret discovered in the depths of the soul. Mysticism is a completely different system...In mysticism the soul sees itself. It sees itself in God and it sees God in itself. To that extent mysticism fundamentally, essentially, escapes examination. Second, as immediate revelation of God to the soul, mysticism also escapes the structure of teaching and the passing on of truth from someone who knows it to someone to whom it is taught...Mystical experience short-circuits this hierarchy and the slow circulation of the truths of teaching. Third, ...[mysticism] has a completely different principle of progress, since teaching follows a regular progression from ignorance to knowledge through the successive acquisition of comulative elements, whereas the mystical path passes through a play of alternations - night/day, dark/light, loss/return, absence/presence - which are continually reversed...In mysticism there is an immediate communication that may take the form of a dialogue between God an the soul, of appeal and response, of the declaration of God's love of the soul, and of the soul's love of God.'

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Church of the Apostles

I am pleased to see that the Church of the Apostles have got a short vid introduction to their community on You Tube.

As you know, Moot is twinned to COTA as a sister emerging church project, so check out what they are about in the Fremont area of Seattle - click here

Friday, July 06, 2007


Waging Peace

I have been deeply moved this week by some of the thinking of the previous post and discussions in the Moot Community meeting on Tuesday. As Linda said in the comments concerning the bomb scare I was in - this Sunday's lectionary texts are all about peace making. So I have been quite moved to write something for a homily this Sunday - as attached.


I have been really challenged again about how I live my life, and the calling of us to live in a way of peace that seeks to transform through sacrifice not retribution.... if you think I have written a load of pap let me know.. Cheers Mobster

Wednesday, July 04, 2007



Rarely does the news make me smile these days but today is the day. Alan Johnston the BBC's Gaza Correspondent has been freed after 16 weeks in captivity. Thanks to all those who supported the campaign and signed the petitions. m

Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Caught up in a bomb scare In Victoria, London

It is funny how things work out! A week ago I was with Richard Sudworth in Birmingham having a great chat about how Trinitarian theology frees you up to be less defensive about your faith, that enables you to get beyond dogma, to seek the Trinity and Christ in all things - both sacred other and secular. The conversation was transformative for me, and still sits ruminating in my mind. I was totally challenged about not conforming to the conservative construct of protectionism against difference and media steriotyping about good and bad. Since then we have had the near-bombs, and today I was caught up in a bomb scare whilst innocently going out to buy a shirt for a date. It was very frightening. They cleared the street because of a suspicious and large bag near lots of very glass-filled buildings. We hit the deck under the direction of the police to see Forensic police with their white overalls and jackets and projective clothing. I was un-nerved. The city has felt very anxious for a week. I was upset by the angry crowd shouting comments such as "Islamist bastards" resentment was just below the surface and connected with all sorts of racist demonisation. Yes, I was profoundly shocked by the report of the security guard at Glasgow who starkly talked of the man half dead in his failed attempt to mass-kill who beat off the police thumping himself shouting "Allah Allah". Yes, I have been profoundly shocked and angered by this. But this is not Islamophobia. It reflects the increasing breakdown of relationality in our culture - which is increasingly being replaced by competition, and competition between competing groups and communities.

Our common humanity is being attacked by a culture overly defined by competition - by market forces, so that we as Christians, need to follow the New Commandment the key understanding of the Kingdom of God. That it is a call to love, to self-giving love, to seek the Christ in all peoples in all cultures, to seek the peace that comes from breaking down stereotypes, loving anger into peace and reconciliation, and to remember our call to live a vision that transcends media manipulation and simplistic solutions. We start - as in Christ - in our common humanity - to bring transformation and renewed humanity. So rather than getting angry after the scare which reminded me of my own vulnerability or mortality - have felt deep sadness - for a world that is increasingly fanatical - and fanatical for a reason. And we all have a part to play in promoting and living in a way that reduces competition and brings value... So I am trying to live this way - even in threatening and anxious times

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