Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Moot, contributors to Dekhomai at this years Mind Body & Spirit Festival, London

Jonny and I set up this years Dekhomai stall with some help from a Graceite at London's Mind Body & Soul Festival 07 in Westminster. Gareth - you have done us proud, the posters and cards look great!! There is a strong healthy team this year (unfortunately very few Mooters!), so please pray for Catherine, Peter, Gareth and I from Moot on the various rotas along with members of Grace Ealing and a number of other groups.

Hopefully we will generate some interest for our pub:spirituality group in Westminster.

In the pic - I caught Jonny having a spiritual moment - practising the half lotus position - or the spiritual crab depending on how you look at. Secretly - I think he was having a Kendrick moment....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


You Treat Sex Like a Scratch Card

I once taught poetry to a delightful girl, who was also working as a lap dancer. One day, I decided to read her my poem 'You Treat Sex like a Scratch Card', which was written for another friend of mine. However, on hearing the middle section she squealed with laughter, rolled on the floor and cried out 'How did you know about the organic milk?'. Just another little example of the prophetic power of poetry, I assured her; bemused.

She doesn't work as a lap dancer any more and I suppose I'd like to think that discovering how talented she was in the poetry department helped in that process. At any rate, I was performing the poem again on Sunday, within sight of St Pauls Cathedral, as part of a campaign against the trafficking of women into this country for sex. and are challenging the demand for these 'services' and asking the governement to provide more safe houses for women who escape from the trade.

In the meantime, back to the organic milk and the odd coincidence that the poem was being performed by the 'white plaza' of St Pauls Cathedral, in brilliant sunshine, just like the vision in the poem.

You Treat Sex like a Scratch Card

You treat sex like a scratch card.
Do you think youíll get lucky one day
And if enough cherries appear in a row
Youíll know that this time youíre OK?

You donít pay much for your scratch cards.
You think that thatís all that they cost
But Iíve seen you walk the white plaza in sunshine
And that is a vision youíve lost.

You treat sex like scratch cards.
They donít even give you a thrill.
The more you lose, the more you buy
I donít want to think of the bill.

And now you buy organic milk
And then have sex with strangers.
Do you think in the world of milk
You overestimate the dangers?

Yes, the hormone/farming issue;
Iím wholly convinced itís real
But in the economy of grace
Is there nothing you can feel?

So now youíve been out again and f****íd
And you feel youíre falling freely
Into self-destruct.
And you donít think of suicide
Because youíre not that type
And Russian Roulette of the sexual kind
Is just a load of hype.

So hereís to the world of plastic balls
Of lottery prizes and draws.
But I place my bet on the day that we met
And the vision was mine and yours.

Sarah de Nordwall

You can sign up on for info on how to try and get the government to take action, as they have in Sweden, and make the purchasing of pay as you go sex illegal.

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Weight Watchers Spirituality

Well last Monday I faced up to the problem with my feet and enrolled at Weight watchers - took me a while, but I am braver these days. What I didn't expect, was that it was going to be so amusing. I couldn't believe how close it is to church. You go - and the first thing you have to do - is be weighed - the confessional - where you confess your sins in front of the Weight Watchers Priest-Facilitator. She records your progress. After the confession you can then pay your dues towards the session and the Weight Watchers Spiritual Community, before sitting down to listen to this weeks sermon and encouragement of the word - and this week it was several things to do with Pitta bread and salad. Nice tips on how to cut your cress!! People shared their explorations in the spirit - sharing their encouragements. At the end of the talk back session - the Weight Watchers Priest-Facilitator sent us away with a blessing and a call to take dieting and healthy eating into the world.

I loved it - fascinating people I don't normally meet - a glorious mix of Little Britain meets Jam & Country, and its just opposite the Church in Westminster. Anyone is welcome to join me 12.15 mondays. Let the waist line be with you - and also with you!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hello Everyone!

Andy, Nathan and I are having a joint birthday bash this saturday at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, and you are all welcome! They have a great bar, with good food and cocktails, a few good rock bands, and a great DJ until 3 a.m. Its going to be a great night, we hope you can make it. The nearest tube stop is Russell Square on the Piccadilly Line, but here's a map too.

See you there!

A, A, N.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Hard Questions for Emerging/Fresh Expressions of Church Podcasts & MP3s

Pleased to say that the current tour of leading UK theologians tasked to explore aspects of the theology and practice of emerging/fresh expressions of church are now being podcasted and available for download via MP3s. Click here

These are an important resource

Wednesday, May 16, 2007



Monday, May 14, 2007


"That's what my heart yearns for now..."

Last week was the first in a series of discussions on the Deadly Sins, at moot. This month's theme/sin is Pride and its corresponding virtue: Humility.

We were ably lead through the evening by the very learned Peter Rundell. We started with a very unusual version of a piece of music by Benjamin Britten. I say "unusual", as it ended unexpectedly with a rather vigourous exhortation to "Jah Rastafari", courtesy of Ian's iTunes collection. No sleeping at the back.

We continued by looking at excerpts from the films "Remains of The Day" and "Conspiracy", discussing Marxism, Psychology, WWII, the English upper classes, Nationalism, the Beatitudes, and other such.

If you would like to indulge in discussion featuring interesting topics such as the above (and let's face it, who wouldn't), plus the usual smorgasbord of teas, coffees, beers, and other light refreshments from the buffet car, then please feel free to join us at St. Matthew's, Westminster at 7pm on Tuesday 15th May (ie. tomorrow night), and we will commence the intellectual side of moot's activities at 7.30pm.

(There's nothing good on TV on Tuesday night - I've just checked. So you have no excuse.)

PS. A Competition: The title of this post comes from a song from the eighties. Can anyone tell me what it is? I want song title and band, please...

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Saturday, May 12, 2007



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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Revised date for the Blah Learning Day on Catholic inspired Fresh Expressions

To make our lives easier - we have decided to reshedule this learning day for the 1st saturday in November, as it seems many people are too busy to be able to attend. It will be a good day.. Click here for more info and to book places

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Reminder: Mobsby's Book Launch & Blah London

Reminder Mooters that its me book launch this thursday from 6.30pm - could do with your support.... Click here for info - its in Waterloo at the Horse Pub...

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