Saturday, April 29, 2006


Things on the 30th

To remind all that see Moot as their home/one of their homes, that we are joining with the rest of STMW for an annual general church meeting on Sun 30th. This kicks off after the 11am service, somewhere around 12 to 12.30 - you could always come to the 11am service if you want.

At 2.30/3pm Moot Reconvenes with soup, bread rolls, fruit, twix's, chocolate brownies as part of the next rhythm of life development discussion, probably in the conference centre.

There is no formal moot evening service at 6.30/7pm.


Just a little bit of heaven

Following my visit to the see some James Turrell works at Christmas the YSP have permanently installed this work there.

Friday, April 28, 2006


new moot term calendar

You can download the new moot programme for may - august here, it will work in iCal or any other calendar programme that supports ics information. Thanks to andrew for putting it together. You can also access it via the moot website scroll down event listing, click here.


Great quote from Foucault

Foucault's introduction to the English edition of Gilles Deleuze's Anti-Oedipus is fantastic! Thanks Pete for the heads-up....

Free political action from all unitary and totalizing paranoia
Develop action, thought, and desires by proliferation, juxtaposition, and disjunction, and not by subdivision and pyramidal hierarchization.
Withdraw allegiance from the old categories of the Negative (law limit, castration, lack, lacuna), which Western thought has so long held sacred as a form of power and an access to reality. Prefer what is positive and multiple: difference over uniformity, flows over unities, mobile arrangements over systems. Believe that what is productive is not sedentary but nomadic.
Do not think that one has to be sad in order to be militant, even though the thing one is fighting is abominable. It is the connection of desire to reality (and not its reatreat into the forms of representation) that posseses revolutionary force.
Do not use thought to ground a political practice in Truth; nor political action to discredit, as mere speculation, a line of thought. Use political practice as an intensifier of thought, and analysis as a multiplier of the forms and domains for the intervention of political action.
Do not demand of politics that it restore the 'rights' of the individual, as philosophy has defined them. The individual is the product of power. What is needed is to 'de-individualize' by means of multiplication and displacement, diverse combinations. The group must not be the organic bond uniting hierarchized individuals, but a constant generator of de-individualization.
Do not become enamoured of power.


anyone for some summer 2007 madness?

Anyone fancy this next summer? Looks like real fun...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006



Something which should be of interest to the other tricksters out there . A friend in the states recommended I check out this new magazine put together by ex Sojourner and ex Adbusters folk. An intriguing mix. Anyway there mission statement is below - Check it out - theres an interesting article on taking up cycling that will delight at least one mooter and some great artwork - particularly loved the anti-advertising Gospel Dilution Index. mark

Geez is your story of experiments with truth.
Because it’s time we untangle the narrative of faith from the fundamentalists, pious self-helpers and religio-profiteers.

And let’s do it with holy mischief rather than ideological firepower.

We’ll explore the point at which word, action and image intersect, and then ignite.

So let’s blaspheme the gods of super-powerdom, instigate spiritual action campaigns and revamp that old Picture Bible.

We’ve set up camp in the outback of the spiritual commons. A bustling spot for the over-churched, out-churched, un-churched and maybe even the un-churchable. A location just beyond boring bitterness.

A place for wannabe contemplatives, front-line world-changers and restless cranks. A place where the moon shines quiet, instinct runs mythic and belief rides a bike (or at least sits on the couch entertaining the possibility).

and they are looking for articles as well ......... enjoy m


Joint ICA Moot & STMW Event - Happy Hardcore

Thurs 4th May – Sacred Selections “ Happy Hardcore”, Institute of Contemporary Art at St Matthews Church & Moot experimental music performance, 7pm, Free admission
This unusual and collaborative experimental event will be compared Clare Catford to represent Moot. With its mix of celebratory, uplifting tunes based around hectic breakbeats and rapid pace, Happy Hardcore creates an infectious energy that harks back to the golden era of UK rave. This eclectic choice of anthemic tracks, selected by one of Hardcore’s most renowned dj producers, spans almost a decade – from the memorable riffs of Midnight Express by Hopscotch, to the trance influences of Sy and Demo’s Stay with me.

“Shooting Star” - Bang
“Midnight Express”- Hopscotch
“Braveheart” - Joining the clans
“Stay with me” - Sy & Memo
“Power of Love” - Q-Tex
“Heart of Gold” - Force and Styles

Music selected by DJ Sy (Quosh Records) Transcribed for the organ by John Riley (St Pauls & St George’s Episcopal Church, Edinburgh), Performed by Paul Ayres(St Georges Church, Hanover Square).

Monday, April 24, 2006


blah learning day on leadership day this saturday

Just a little reminder that this is on Saturday, so if you are planning on going and want to pay less book now...

Saturday April 29th | Emerging Leadership
with Kester Brewin, Ana Draper & Paul Roberts
From 10am – 4.30pm at St Matthews, London, SW1P 2BU

Does the emerging church need leaders? Isn't it all about co-producing stuff where we are all 'leaders'
Or is it about renewing leadership, making it less of a one man band and more inclusive and powersharing?
How are we to develop emerging churches/fresh expressions that allow all people to participate and use all their gifts rather than just the few ‘leaders who do everything?
How do we avoid power abuse by over zealous leaders?

Kester Brewin, author of ‘The Complex Christ’, and kickstarter of ‘vaux’, will guide us in some evolutionary thoughts about leadership.

Ana Draper of L8R, who has recently completed her MSc in psychotherapy, will guide us in some thoughts about leadership from a systemic/theological perspective.

Paul Roberts will reflect on trying to reimagine leadership in the ancient structures of the Anglican Church.

Come and join us for a day of discussion and questioning on this hot topic.

The day costs £10 (£8 if booked online) or £5 for students. To find out more and to book a place visit here.


Moot Godly Play Worship

Pleased to say we have made some progress in developing Godly Play. Please find attached feedback from people who have attended as well as action minutes. Please see docs below


Sunday, April 23, 2006


Scripture Space

Moot Scripture Space 25th April 7 for 7.30pm
At the next Scripture Space, we will be looking at the Beatitudes and how you interpret passion/visionary narratives.
venue: St Matthews Church Conference Centre - Small Room


Flashing Lights

Was amused by this quote from a book discussing functional design and technology - could easily apply to so many ‘models, values and systems’:

“The enslavement is not, strictly speaking, to machines, nor to people who build and own them, but to the conceptual models, values and systems of thought the machines embody… For instance, camcorders have built-in features that encourage generic usage: a warning light flashes whenever there is a risk of ‘spoiling’ a picture, as if to remind the user that they are about to become creative and should immediately return to the norm.”

(Anthony Dunne [1990] Hertzian Tales, Aesthetic experience and critical design. London: Royal College of Art, p14.)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


moot rhythm of life update

We had a community day in February, where we shared our stories with each other, and shared what we thought were the best bits in moot that kept us on the straight and narrow (ha!). Out of this day came a wealth of 'data' about moot, and that has formed the basis of a first stab at what a moot rhythm of life would look like. We have deliberately taken a bottom up approach where the ideas the community most agrees on filter to the top giving us a really good representation of what moot is and what we are about.

We discussed this first draft last night and from what people said I have made a few amendments, so here for your perusal is a second draft. We have another meet on Sunday the 30th April at the Greencoat Boy Pub at 6.30pm for 7pm for food (if you want) and talk. So if you are interested download the second draft here and come along for the discussion.


Looking For God

Found this on this blog.

"Looking for God, by Fernando Orellana, is an old General Electric radio that's constantly searching for God.

Godmechanism.jpg GodRinger-2.jpg

The mechanism turns the dial of the radio either to the left or right. The microphone then captures a three-second sample of the audio signal. This signal is compared to a signal saved in the microprocessor's memory of the word "god." If the new signal is not equal to the signal in memory, the mechanism turns the dial again and the process is repeated. If the signal captured is equal to the signal in memory, the piece deduces that it has found the word "god". It then triggers an electronic bell and marks one unit on an electronic odometer. In this way, "Looking for God" tries to metaphorically replicate humanity's own pursuit of understanding the world."

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Art Exhibition

Details from Saga: I am exhibiting a wall painting and a series of collage and prints at Westbourne Grove Church, on the corner of Ledbury Road, London W11 until 19th May.
The exhibition spaces are open 9-5 Monday to Friday, and 10-3 on Sundays, I have also arranged for the church to be open on the evening of Thursday April 27th, and I would be pleased if you'd join me then.

The exhibition is in two parts, a series of prints and collage in one room and in the other I have painted a mural titled 'In the connections we cannont make'
(as illustrated in the attached invite)
The basis of the design is to promote the idea that we, though messy chaotic humans, engage daily with each-other, with the other, with the Other; that we come from one source and are intimately and permanently woven together. Sometimes referred to as the Œflower of life‚ the formal geometric pattern on which this design is based is an ancient and universal sacred symbol of unity wholeness and infinity.The colours used in this design are representative of truth, and purity, innocence and holiness. With a surface that is rich and varied, and circles that are unique, some incomplete, or with irregular and blotted edges the design acknowledges, accepts, the imperfections of human relationships and understanding.

Its an design that I'd like to see in glass, think that it would make a wonderful tranquil meditative place, so I've painted it full scale (over 8mx2m) in the gallery.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Christ is risen! Lift the song
Of our Easter gladness;
With the bright triumphant throng
Cast away all sadness,
Springtide flowers tell us how
We must leave the sighing,
As we pass the sorrow now
Of our earthly dying.

Lo, the Marys in the gloom
Weeping, bowed with sorrow,
Little dreaming at the Tomb
What their joy tomorrow-
Whom they sought the Lord they found
Now no more in sadness;
Where did woe and grief abound
There He brought the gladness!

Lo, that eve in sorrow went
Two disciples walking,
All their mind on Jesus bent,
Of His Passion talking-
Till a Stranger on the road
To those hearts now burning,
Told of suffering here for God
Into Glory turning!

Lo, the Apostles met in fear
That same sorrow bearing
Till the Master came to hear
They His grief were sharing-
And through doors fast closed, once dead,
He appeared, who ever,
Loved them to the end, He said,
And would leave them never.

Lo, in all our sorrow here,
Often deep repining,
Through all doubt and darksome fear
Easter sun is shining-
Wherefore now on things above
Set we our affection-
Know the power of Jesus' Love
By His Resurrection!

Gladsome birds, fresh breezes tell
With the sunny weather
That dear Creed we love so well,
"All things rise together,"-
So the angels joyfully
Taught the wondrous story,-
"Christ is risen! To Galilee
Go and preach His Glory!"

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Holy Saturday - triduum

Jesus is dead


Just in case you thought I had lost it!

This is just a little email to Mooters who have seen me dressed up to the nigh, crouching, bowing, prostrating, kneeling, chanting, leaning, washing people's feet, preaching, carrying strange things in strange ways, please don't worry - I haven't lost it - I just have done lots of stuff I have never had to do before, which has been moving if not a little physically challenging to say the least. I am still me and have not become Father Ted honest. Its passion week & Easter - that's all.

Well done to Bethan, Aaron, Mike, Peter, Gareth & Graham for the Death of God service - it was very moving - I haven't had such cathartic door slamming enjoyment for ages.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Moot Articles in Church Times & Tablet

Had many requests for this, so please find below.


Thursday, April 13, 2006


Another snap of 'God's Own Country'.




End of Holy Week & Easter

Services at STMW & MOOT

Thurs 13th Maundy Thursday 7.30pm, the ancient liturgy of the last supper with washing of feet, stripping of the altars and Vigil until midnight.

Fri 14th Good Friday midday - crucifixion procession in the streets in Westminster with meditations led by Cardinal Cormac, Canon Reiss & Ann Widdecombe MP. Gather outside Methodist central hall at midday.

Fri 14th Good Friday 2pm, ancient & solemn liturgy of the Lord's Passion.

Fri 14th Good Friday 8pm, Moot alternative service 'death of God'.

Sun 16th Easter Day 6am Candle vigil & first service of Easter followed by champagne breakfast.

Sun 16th Easter Day 11am Mass of the Resurrection, homily by Ian,

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Bishop of London's Misson Fund

Pleased to say Gareth, Philip and I met up with the Archdeacon and a sub-committee of the Bishop of London's Mission Fund regarding the application we submitted in autumn 2005. It was a good meeting, and the committee were supportive of our application. I will come back with details once we hear a definitive outcome from the Fund. I was very proud of Moot and it came across very well, thanks to Philip and Gareth's responses.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


blah... learning days 2006
For 2006 moot is partnering with blah... and putting on a series of learning days, aiming to take the conversation from blah... evenings a little deeper and with more interaction. You can also find out about the other stuff blah... is up to by visiting the website.

Each day costs £10 (or £8 if booked online) which includes lunch and drinks. Students pay just £5 (or £4 online), just select the student ticket type when you book.

The first learning day planned for 2006 is...

April 29th | Emerging Leadership
with Kester Brewin, Maggi Dawn & Ana Draper
From 10am – 4.30pm at St Matthews, London, SW1P 2BU

Does the emerging church need leaders? Isn't it all about co-producing stuff where we are all 'leaders'
Or is it about renewing leadership, making it less of a one man band and more inclusive and powersharing?
How are we to develop emerging churches/fresh expressions that allow all people to participate and use all their gifts rather than just the few ‘leaders who do everything?
How do we avoid power abuse by over zealous leaders?

Kester Brewin, author of ‘The Complex Christ’, and kickstarter of ‘vaux’, will guide us in some evolutionary thoughts about leadership.
Maggi Dawn will reflect on trying to reimagine leadership in the ancient structures of the Anglican Church.
Ana Draper of L8R, who has recently completed her MSc in psychotherapy, will guide us in some thoughts about leadership from a systemic/theological perspective.

Come and join us for a day of discussion and questioning on this hot topic.

To find out more and to book a place visit here.

We also have two other learning days planned for 2006...

June 17th | Christian Formation
with John Drane, Andrew Roberts and Ben Edson. Find out more here.

25th November | New Monasticism
with Roy Searle, Gareth Powell & Sue Wallace. Find out more here.

Friday, April 07, 2006


Moot page 3 shocker! (get yer Mobsby out for the lads...)

I have just opened up the Church Times and guess what's on page 3? Yup, Ian's dissertation (not the whole thing, obviously, but a good little article about it)! That's brilliant, Ian, it's great that people are taking this peice of work so seriously and listening to what you have to say about emerging church.


Random Friday afternoon image No. 14
Moot sketch

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Dedicated to Ivy

Yes it does exist, and it's opposite my house, and it's threatened with closure - just let me know if you'd like to join the campaign to save the Mahatma Gandhi Industiral Estate!

Monday, April 03, 2006


Ekklesia Think Tank: Press Release & News item on Mooters Research

Pleased to say that Ekklesia has run with a news item drawing on my research based on Moot, Sanctus 1, COTA and B1. This news item was put out in response to a recent critical report that suggested that Fresh Expressions of Church maybe travelling light on theology drawing on a reflection of the Mission Shaped Church report.

To see the news report on the Ekklesia site check out here.


Prayer Idol

I had to do a talk last week at work and the reading for the day was about the golden calf that the Israelites made and worshipped while Moses was up the mountain, receiving the ten commandments and hammering out the finer points of how to worship God (Exodus 32:7-14 – but v1-6 also relevant). I realised I’ve actually been thinking a lot recently about idolatry.
I guess I see the Lenten tradition of giving things up as partly about identifying and acknowledging idols - our dependencies and where they are misplaced or unhealthy, whether that’s making work and professional achievement our ‘god’ or always turning to chocolate in a crisis etc. I’ve always thought about the golden calf like that before – it’s seemed that the Israelites have so obviously got it wrong, and have rejected God in favour of something of their own creation just as I may (at whatever level) try and replace God with sex or money or a new iPod or bike or whatever. But what struck me was that it wasn’t that simple - the Israelites weren’t rejecting God and making a new one that they liked better. They had a real need to worship God, and to have some structure and focus – which is exactly what God and Moses were working on up the mountain. They just contributed to and made a golden calf, not a tabernacle, and placed the wrong thing behind the altar. And Aaron the priest led them in this.
So I was thinking, what are our idols? It seems more likely to be something to do with how we see and seek God, than a rejection of God and an attempt to replace God with something totally different. I go to another church which, after 6 years without its own space following a fire, moved back into the church building yesterday. A lot of that process has been about deciding what we really want and need to have in our church and it’s clear that a lot of people are deeply anxious that they won’t be able to meet God in the same way if the church isn’t the same (and they assume that this will be a bad thing rather than an exciting new possibility!). Moot is far more creative, dynamic, and fluid than my other church but we still have habits, structures, preferences, focuses - things that make moot distinctive. And each of us has preferences - I
find it harder to pray and worship for example if there are lots of words, if all the references to God and people in general are male, if I’m not involved (ie feel like a passive observer of a performance by whoever is leading), if I’m sitting on a chair or if I'm wearing shoes. Of course I still believe I can pray and worship if not all my boxes are ticked - but I guess I have limits and have sat in some churches miserable and livid, feeling utterly unable to connect.
Where is the line between these kind of preferences and making a 'golden calf'? How can we identify the idols in our own spiritual lives? What assumptions do we make about God's ability to reach out to us, by putting limits on how we reach out to God?

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Not knocking the Christian mystical tradition...

...just recommending the new Flaming Lips album, 'At War With The Mystics', to the moot community. I have a copy, and I think its great.It has a less electronic, programmed vibe than 'Yoshimi...', and reminds me more of good old rock and roll, with some great guitar riffs. There are also some more funky, soulful moments interspersed throughout. Actually, a lot of styles are touched on, giving the overall impression of weirdness which the Lips are so well known for. Not only is it an interesting listen style-wise, but, typically, the lyrics are very thought-provoking/inspiring. Check it out here.


To moot community blog or not to moot community blog

To echo the conversation about community blogs in other places, I want to say that I really value the thoughts and issues raised on this blog, which challenge and bring insights from different perspectives that help me and I hope 'us' grow.

However, it is often an Ian & Gareth show, and is sometimes impoverished by not containing the thoughts and content of other members of moot's diverse perspectives. To be frank, we need more voices here that reflect the moot community. Women especially. There are no rules about what is in and what is out - except the focus on the spiritual - but that can be interpreted very widely, and there is no censor.

So this communal space, a rare space, and for me a treasured space is open to the contributions of any and all in or on the margins of this little thing called moot, and for the whole world to respond to these contributions.

As a communal space - a point of connection in all our buisness and dislocation, provides a creative space of connection to challenge, inspire and connect in a somewhat counter-cultural way about our shared-ness.

So please do no self-censor for fear that your stuff is boring or they will be fed up with a b or c, or ridiculous thoughts of not being 'cool enough'. If you are passionate about something, or have written an essay or as Mike has done recently, written poetry - infact what ever, I for one would really appreciate the love and attention to sharing such stuff. The I and I think we, can then grow and get beyond the things that swirl in our own heads that often become a little self-directed, but instead, experience other thoughts that bring challenge and often the presence of the divine in interaction with individuals - that resource all ourselves, and if I maybe so bold to say, our shared spiritual stories.

In so doing we all benefit, and we all grow - and that the Moot blog, can then truly reflect the sometimes numinous of God's presence in the cyber - through the gathered communal honesty of the hopes, dreams and questions of those on a spiritual journey....

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Breaking Vaux News...

This arrived in my inbox from Kester this morning...

"At long last Vaux is making a comeback. So get ready to welcome back the biggest tricksters of all into the emerging church fold.

This Sunday at the Vaux Allotment (V&A for short), in the leafy suburbs of middle class Dulwich, we will be doing our first soil liturgy, exploring the "Compost Christ" - our theme for this year.

So put on your wellies and grab your shovels and come on down (weather permitting).

Hope to see you all there.

Also look out in June for the follow up to the Complex Christ, yep you've guessed it, The Compost Christ - Signs of Jesus in my allotment boundaries.

Sounds like a great new typically edgy venture from the Helvetica Neue crew.


Link to Aaron's stuff

Aaron has posted some of his essays and thoughts here, more than worth checking out...

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