Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Thanx from the one armed bandit

Pleased to say phase 1 out of 4 has passed, i am now out of hospital. Thanks for all your support and encouragement. To put the record straight, I tripped in the bathroom, and to save me hitting my head on the sink i fell awkwardly on the floor breaking my right wrist and elbow and now have metal in these as well as feet - just call me metalica. I have felt crap and frustrated and feel i have let people down, in that this is happening at the busiest time of the year.

Anyway, have some interesting stories to tell. when it happened - i put my joints (dislocated) back into the right place - and with Lucys help knotted some tea towels to hold my arm together as jonathan drove me in. At reception - the nurse exclaimed "what a beautiful William Morris print" stating she was a fan and that she had an active teatowel collection. I explained thai wasn't quite up to exploring the intrinsic pleasures of tea towel collecting at that point as i was in a lot of pain! Secondly the man opposite my bed snored in what can only be described as a warewolf. After the second night of sleepless murder, I suggested as an anglican priest he should consider divination. On the second night - my bed tv entertainment unit froze stuck on cbeebies - where you could not turn it off or unplug it!! that cbeebies from 6am to 11am on monday morning - beyond torture!! more to tell.

Strangely the whole episode reminds me of my fragility and need for God. Sarah the poet lent me her daily julian of norwich readings, so i have been getting into that, by the way this is tough to type one handed!!

So i am not going to be on form for a while. At the mo i have a truck mistakably called a cast on my right arm which requires a small car for me to carry it. I have this for 1 week, then get the practical light mobile one which is less nucleur bomb proof.

So please bear with me for the next couple of weeks...... Sorry....

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