Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Polka Dots before the eyes...

So recently, I've been reading a couple of books on green living....

It strikes me that, seeing as our rhythm of life has a bit in it about being "environmentally balanced", then I thought I'd try a few things out and pass on any pearls of wisdom to all you in blog land.

There's just a couple of problems:

i) I hate the idea of Being Green. Being Green usually equals A Bit Crap. I really can't abide hippy. So basically, I'm not going green, I'm going polka dot.

ii) As Kermit the frog's cousin once sang, "Its not easy being green." (or polka dot come to that). It's become a lot easier these days, but its still quite tricky. It seems like too much extra effort - not the widely available options you need, too much confusing contradictory information

But I have this vision. Its a vision of my descendants. They're sitting there, saying: "Grandad, why do you throw so much crap away? Your bloody generation are so wasteful."

Its basically coming - whether we like it or not, things are going to change, and we're going to need to be ahead. Plus, being polka dot is actually a whole lot cheaper, and I don't know about you, but I could do with a few extra quid.

So today, on one of the few quiet days I had as a self-employed worker, I took the bus instead, and walked a bit more - cheaper and healthier - taking in some parts of London - I love disused tube stations - like the one above near the Aldwych - generally enjoying the late Autumn sunlight lighting everything up.

I'll post more from the polka dot edge regularly, and let you know how I get on..

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