Thursday, November 09, 2006


Poem : The connection between mysticism, contemplation & prayer

I have been struck by a poem by our resident poet Sarah de Nordwall, about the link between worshipping God through contemplation, (as earlier post) working through our embodiedness to our intellect to then be spiritual by encountering God - as the ultimately creative spiritual act. This stuff is all new to me and I continue to find it increasingly liberating.

Sarah wrote this poem after being inspired by some of the more recent extremely spiritual and contemplative architects. So she wrote this for an Architects Catholic Mass at Westminster Cathedral and it rings deep for me.

Singing in the Flames

Hold more attentively the presence
Of the bright, the graced, the beautiful overflowing
And by dint of all that presence in your mind
The outer world itself will start to move.

A sleepy soul like an underground toad
Will lift a heavy lid
And hear the call
And breathing in with unexpected hope
Will sense a change is coming in the air.

Some money locked away for private use
Will start to feel uneasy in its chains
The vault will tremble with anticipation
And inner locks will start to click and guide.

You'll be amazed
The power that is present
When once the vision knows it must be seen.
The long gestation holds its own imperative
And birth will come, it canot be restrained.

How many millions, till the end of time
Awaut our own pronouncement, building, word
To shape the very form of things to come?

And form, we know, defines the living soul.

If we can dare to sing inside the furnace
The curious will come to watch the flames
And they in awe will say, 'Nebuchadnezzar'.
Those stubborn ones have multiplied not died.

We see another, who is there amongst them
And if you asked, we'd say, a Son of God.

Sarah de Nordwall (c)

For more info on Sarah's work with the bard school, click here

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