Thursday, November 09, 2006


Nice Introductions

There was a evening function tonight at Lambeth Palace with Rowan and Jane Williams for all the bordering parishes.

A nice evening prayer ensued followed by a drinks and canape reception. Cue lots of nice polite banter. Phillipa and I were chatting to few people when Rowan came and joined our group. Cue nervous silence... Phillipa decides to introduce herself with the following, 'Sorry we can't stay long as we were expecting a sit down meal, and I'm really hungry as these canapes don't really fill you up', cue a rather bemused look from Rowan. We then managed to change the subject to Rowans recently arranged visit to Rome - he explains to us that he is having to write two papers for his visit and is not looking forward to more time in the study preparing. Cue Phillipa, 'I could do those for you you know, I would love to visit Rome.' I then chime in with, 'but dear, I really don't think you have the beard for it.' Cue more bemused looks from Rowan.

We then got chatting to Jane Williams, and recounted the story which she found very funny. She said that they should obviously invite us to a meal at their flat with Ian waitering.

Oh the joy of embarrassing yourself in public, especially with someone you think is really great...

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