Saturday, November 25, 2006


A new year looming on the Christian horizon

Dearest Moot,

I am in the Abbey office waiting around to see if a pastoral call will go through and I thought I would say how thankful I am for the time I was able to spend with all of you last summer. It is Thanksgiving Weekend here in the states, a time to reflect on the different ways to deal with the leftover turkey, and the rape of a native culture that began nearly four hundred years ago. It is a time to tell everyone how thankful you are for their presence in your life, and a time for some native tribes to throw tomatoes at unsuspecting white folk (a great image of this was shown in the fourth season of Northern Exposure). I guess it is better than bicycle chains, and baseball bats. Also COTA celebrates Christ the King tomorrow or the reign of Christ for those Americans who are monarchically challenged. It is the last week before a new year, I need a new year this one has been difficult. I digress, the real reason I am blogging is because my wife Aleta is six weeks away from B day and I am terrified. I really want to see a picture of Ivy, Mike and Carey, and realize that everything will be ok, but all I have is a short picture of Mike jumping. It is not enough, I miss all of you guys. So I hope everything is going well I will upload photos of Karen baptizing our baby in January. I miss you all.

Your Brother in Christ,
Travis K Smith

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