Friday, November 03, 2006


Living as a clue-less Christian in an age of complexity

I don't know if you ever feel this way, but I get overwhelmed by the sheer needs and complexity of this world, and the difficulty about having any sense of centring, or knowing the right way of living, or even beginning to know where to start. My only way of maintaining any sense of being centred is by prayer and retreats - and I struggle with both. There is so much blandness in our lives, too much consumption and too much business with things that frankly don't matter. So in our world of complexity - how should we live to be carbon neural? How do I live to reduce the economic oppression of the global south and east? How can I live to be an encouragement to those around me to go deeper with Christ? I still at the age of nearly 38 still struggle with the right way to live - still a clue-less Christian in an age of complexity.

A while ago, Ben Edson pointed out an interview with Moby about his spiritual journey. About his journey of faith of construction, deconstruction and an attempt at reconstruction that feels very familiar. My hope is that my contribution to Moot is part of this reconstruction, but who knows? Is Moot overly consumptive? Does Moot seek to follow the difficult path of Christ? Or has it become yet another place of approximating to Christ in ways that reflect us rather than God? I hope and believe that it is seeking after God and that we are really attempting to birth a significant space of God together, but it is important to keep asking these questions so that I and I suggest we don't get comfortable with the notion that we have got it right... Our corporate sense of being a Body of Christ depends on us all having individual spiritually resourcing lives, so that we don't become the blind leading the blind, so I hope we can keep getting back to the truth that I think I and I suggest we are somewhat clue-less Christians living in a world of complexity, but hopefully where we really do care for one another, where we get beyond pride, power, status, aggression - but seek mutual submission, abiility to really listen to each other and seek the common good, coming out of a passion for Christ. Then I think we have something to share with the world, but only when we can say God I am rubbish, and that I need you - a clueless Christian in an age of complexity. We are then open to listening and being directed by God.

Check out the mp3 here of Moby's interview

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