Thursday, November 02, 2006


Linky Pinky

Well well. Busy Busy.

It seems that our blog is really active at the moment - everyone posting and jostling for the top spot.

However, I have a number of arty sites and blogs that I keep up with, and I thought I would share these links a la Gareth, so you can feel all arty and cool.

First up, is This is a veritable feast of art that Andrew Paul Carr alerted me to, and is worth reading. They have a lot of researchers who travel the four corners posting about art shows and interviewing artists, as well as links to things of interest.

Next is the moleskinerie Flickr photo pool. It's basically people who have Moleskine notebooks, uploading and sharing photos of pages from their books. Some are a little amatuerish, but some are astounding. Its amazing what people get up to. If you don't know what amoleskine is, then... find out.

On the subject of photo pools, the Holy Shit Photo Pool is a good one - various people sharing photos of religious-related photos from all over. It was not set up by me despite the title, but the biggest contributor to the pool is one Jonny Baker, and its a good resource for services (but don't tell anyone I told you).

LIFEBLOG is a great one too. Its run by a supermodel who takes lots of photos backstage and on stage at fashion shows, and is a great window into an otherwise closed world.

Lastly, englishcut, a blog about the life of a Saville Row tailor, and Pruned, a blog for funky gardeners everywhere should round off your life nicely.

If I were you, I'd get an RSS feed reader.....

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