Monday, November 06, 2006


Anglican Salvation for the IKON Community

As some will know, Sister Phillipa and Brother Gaz were sent by the Holy Spirit on friday to encourage Br Mark who was sent in early September to bring orthodoxy to the heretical teachings of the false teachings of Fr Rollins. Rumour has it that Br Mark had to flee to Canada and the USA for a while to escape persecution from the Ikon community, who were unwilling to rescind their sins and recommit to the one true holy catholic and apostolic church. Therefore, we have sent one of our leading spiritual mothers and fathers to encourage Br Mark to remain in Northern Ireland, and to teach the Ikonese the truths of a rhythm of life based on commitment to the one true God, rather than false doctrine and mamon. We continue to pray for Sr Phillipa and Br Gaz in this difficult task, that they will not be distracted from their task by the devil.

Further, I have some good news about the spiritual development of the Ikonese. I have heard confirmed reports that the Ikonese have commenced meeting regularly in Anglican Church of Ireland buildings, and therefore appear to be recognising that God is to be found in Apostolic buildings that fall under the jurisdiction of the episcopate. This is real progress. That the Ikonese are not that far from the Mother Church, in that they now recognise the need to meet in our Mother's sacred space. So beloved Mooters, please continue to pray that the Ikonese will develop further relations with our blessed Anglican Communion, and therefore find a true path.

Further, I am pleased to say that Br Michael from the Ikon community, who is over in London this week, has come to us requring spiritual assistance and relief from his errors in thinking. Last night Sr Carey, Br Andrew and I met and prayed with him, who found relief and revelation in undoing the spiritual heresy he had immersed himself in. Further, we shared our explorations with Godly Play and how it has helped us to save not only adults but our children too. I have therefore invited Br Michael from Ikon to attend out community meeting tomorrow, to help him on his correct path, before he returns to the demands of the lost with the Ikonese. I have written to Br Mark to support Br Michael's return, that he may not loose his way to the devices and snares of the devil as expounded by the apostate Rollins.

Much progress, let us continue to pray for the Anglican salvation of the Ikonese.

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