Saturday, January 07, 2006

Over Christmas whilst visiting my home town I overheard a conversation an elderly lady was having: she was feeling rather put out that the Littlewoods was closing in the High Street. This would mean that she was only left with a whole lot of ‘young peoples’ chain stores to buy clothes from (Top Shop, Next, River Island, etc) and will now have to travel to the next town to do her shopping.

Most emerging church communities, perhaps not intentionally, seem to be made up of a particular age range (20’s/30’s/40’s). This is presumably because they meet the needs of that age group and its associated culture(s). Maybe it’s ok for different types of church to only meet the needs of a particular age range. It does allow for a tailored, better fitting response rather than a one size fits all duffle coat. It also allows for more choice and diversity.

However, it does bug me that it may also be excluding others, or not providing for them, and minimising the chances of interaction between young and old. Are there examples of emerging churches that have, say, over 60’s in them either in a mixed age context or an age specific group? The creative play services have attempted to broaden Moot to be inclusive of children and parents. Can we, or should we, go the other way too?

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