Sunday, October 30, 2005

Rule of Life Discussion

Following our discussion tonight on the first draft of the Moot 'rule of life' I've tried to compile a summary of the main points discussed which I hope might be useful.


This is based on memory rather than notes so is likely to be incomplete! Please add comments to fill in the gaps or expand on the notes...

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Ran across this on pomomusings and apparently it's going around the 'blog-world'. Go to Google and type in your name and needs in quotations. For example "Gareth needs" - and then you just give us the first 10 or so sentences that you run across. I found some pretty fun ones for me and phillipa, so here they are below

Gareth Needs...

Gareth needs discipline.
Gareth needs to refine his basic technique.
Gareth needs to bring laughter back into his life.
Gareth needs to be taught organisational skills as he has complex needs.
Gareth needs a new start.
Gareth doesn't need fans like you!
Gareth needs to be sent away to military school.
Gareth needs someone to help him translate his paternal grandmother's diary.
Gareth needs a quest so he can become a Knight of the Round Table.
Gareth is an Anglican priest in his thirties and thinks the Church of England needs some attention.

Phillipa needs...

Phillipa needs a little guidance.
Phillipa needs her missing father.
Phillipa needs to distribute KaR material via website.
Phillipa's fins need to be attached to either side of her body. These need hinges at their bases.
Phillipa needs to up the intensity.
Phillipa may be able to help arrange any support you need.
Phillipa meets the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.
Phillipa needs you to help her with a dangerous situation.
Phillipa need to save Gollum.
Phillipa neither needs nor wants leesons in behaviour as she knows that desire can be lethal as...

Friday, October 28, 2005


Random Friday afternoon image No. 1

A Way of Living for the Moot Community: A Rule of Life
For those who did not attend the Moot Discussion on a Rule of Life on Tuesday 23rd October - you missed out. Wendy of the Northumbria Community led an extremely helpful discussion on the experiences of this community in formulating a rule of life as an aid to developing the spirituality of their community.

Please see below a copy of the notes of the discussion in MS Word and pdf formats.

After our discussions with Wendy from the Northumbria community we handed out a draft moot rule, or way of life. For those of you who were not there you can download it here.

This is only a first attempt by a few of us and we would really value feeback, suggestions and comments.

Part of developing a rule, or way of life is that it is representative of the community and that the community owns it as its vision for how they are and what they desire to become. So the next part of the process will be taking what we have here and mootifying it so the more of us that contribute the more mooty it will be.

If you are not part of moot then do feel free to use/peruse the rule as its open source and hopefully will inspire other communities to consider how they may journey better together.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


I was unable to make Moot's session on the Northumbria Community Tuesday but have read the notes and found them very interesting.

Thought I would add a link to the Rule of the Iona Community:

The Iona Community has almost 250 Members, mostly in Britain, over 1500 Associate Members and around 1400 Friends worldwide. An ecumenical community of men and women from different walks of life and different traditions in the Christian church, its members, like the Northumbria Community, share a common Rule.

I should point out that I am not a full member of the community and would not propose we follow their Rule but think it could be another useful reference as Moot continues to explore this concept.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

London Bishops to Lead Parishes in Nov 2nd Mass Lobby for Trade Justice, 1pm at Westminster

The Bishops of the Diocese of London are calling on people from all London Parishes to join the Bishops of Kensington and Edmonton at 1pm on November 2nd at The Mass Lobby for Trade Justice at Westminster, when the Diocese will be thinking particularly of our ALMA brothers and sisters currently suffering under unjust Trade Regulations (e.g.The price of cotton is falling each year as a result of subsidies in the United States, 30,000 farmers in Mozambique have seen their income decrease).

The Bishops of Kensington and Edmonton, on behalf of the London Bishops have written to all London MPís to say that we will be there, and inviting them to meet with us in our constituency groups at the Lobby. At 1pm there will be a 2 minutes silence when the thousands of people attending will remember the suffering and deaths caused to people in the developing world by unjust trade regulations Ė and in token of this will hold up something white.

Come in a group or on your own.

For further information about the Diocesan participation phone Chris Brice on 0207 932 1121

For Further information about the lobby and its purposes phone 0207 523 2225 or visit here



Godly Play: God meeting you through the imagination & through symbol
For information, I have put two essays on the moot website foundations section, if you are interested in some of the thinking including the theology, behind the use of symbolic forms of worship and faith formation, see below.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ignatian meditation
At the Moot discussion this evening I was asked to post some resources about it for people to prepare for the practical session in this next month. The form of Ignatian meditation chosen is lectio divina: a response to scripture. The three elements involved are:
i) reading (the Bible passage);
ii) meditating (upon the themes and images in the passage);
iii) praying (in response to the passage and one's own meditations upon it).

1 - An Exercise
2 - Another Exercise - lowrespage6.pdf
3 - More info on the background

I wept...

with laughter when I saw this.

Please go and look.


ipod bigger than Jesus?
You can now get the ultimate accesory for your ipod shuffle - a lanyard that converts it into a cross shape. See here to order one in time for Christmas or maybe we should donate one to Archbishop Rowan - I'm sure that would go down well at synod!

We did our second eucharist service the other week and were reflecting on the economics of the eucharist. It was a really good turnout, bolstered by 20 danish youth workers. For a flavour of the service you can read the homily here.

For this term we have been exploring the Eucharist and the city. We still have two services left this term which will also explore different areas of city life. Its great to be able to celebrate the eucharist together in a way that blends the traditional and the contemporary. So thank the Lord for Ian's magic hands!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sacred Play

Thanks to all who came, families and all, your attendance was more than appreciated. For those who did not attend, we tried out using a form of alternative worship taking inspiration from 'Godly Play' which is a story-telling approach to encountering God as a form of shared worship.

I had lots of good feedback. If you have any thoughts for us the consider and use, please add to the comments, or you may have something else to say about the experience. We are doing 1 more before reviewing what we are doing...

The next one, will be at the end of November - click here to see the moot event list

Friday, October 21, 2005

The Turner Prize

Went to look at the Turner Prize yesterday at Tate Britain.

This is always worth a visit as its usually a good bluffer's guide to what's going on in contemporary art at the moment.

I'm particularly interested in it this year because one of the entrants is a guy called
Darren Almond, who I used to work with about 7 years ago (I was working for a company called Martinspeed at the time.)

My personal take on this year's prize is that it's a two horse race between Darren and Simon Starling. Darren's piece is very moving and all encompassing, and "Shedboatshed" by Simon Starling has a real poignant prescence to it (although his other pieces seemed a bit dull to me).

The other two are Gillian Carnegie and Jim Lambie.

Gillian Carnegie's paintings look like they've been chosen as a token nod to traditional art to keep the punters happy, but end up looking a bit weak next to everything else.
On the comments board at the end of the show, someone had written that they thought Lambie had puked up all his passions into a room, and that that was why they loved it. I think the commenter was right, but that was why I hated it!

Anyway, there's no substitute for seeing art "in the flesh". Go look and make your own mind up, and we'll see if we agree in the little comments box below....

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Moot Creative Play
On Sunday 23rd October 3pm, Moot kicks off with one of two experiments of using a form of Godly Play with a mixture of adults, children, and the use Mooters. We will be using story telling and the power of the imagination - as a place of encountering God or in other words, knowing God through experience, rather knowing more facts about God. It will an act of worship, so please think about supporting this event.

For more info on Godly Play click here

Meeting with the Archdeacon of Charing Cross
Pleased to say the meeting with Moot went very well. We discussed issues of the balance between traditional and fresh expressions, and also an exploration of the New Testament Church. We explored the issue of getting beyond 'success' - you could see that Jesus failed in life, and that the early church was unsuccessful - so new expressions need to consider avoidance of success. All very good stuff, so thanks again to all those who attended.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Reminder to support the emails and texts, that we are NOT meeting on Tues 18th as originally planned, but on WEDS 19th 7 for 7.30pm in St Matthews House Drawing Room.

Access: From the blue door on the corner of St Anns St & Great Peter Street and press the button for St Matthews House.


Moot Weekend Away November 05
Pleased to say that Philippa and Gareth have been completing some trojan work in preparation for the moot weekend away. Those who went last year will remember many a highlight. We are going back to Carroty Wood, in the Downs just south of the M25 to a complex in a wood with a heated indoor pool and other facilities.

If you are either part of the moot community, or want to get to know people in the moot community more, then please do consider booking a place. Please use the links below to print more detailed information and a booking form. All those who saw James in his staring role last year will never forget it!! There will be a programme of spiritual and social events throughout the weekend. See info below. For more info on Carroty Wood click here.

invite moot weekend away.pdf

invite moot weekend away.doc

We are aiming to go with a variety of people who attend the many different activities of moot including families with kids...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Hope for new forms of contextual Fresh Expressions Church and Leadership for the future
You may not have noticed, but last week there was some serious progress in the resoucing of fresh expressions of church. This time the Archbishop has backed the proposal written by the new 'Fresh Expressions Agency' called 'Guidelines for the identification, training and deployment of ordained pioneer ministers'. This document was discussed by the House of Bishops meeting at Lambeth Palace last week which seeks to find 10 to 20 pioneer ministers to enter a two-year training programme starting in September 2006. As some know some colleges such as the one I went to in the now called 'East Region Ministerial Training Course' and St Johns College Nottingham has been gearing up to this task.

This means, that there will be a form of structure for people called to 'pioneer ministerial callings' to have a route that seeks to hold onto their calling in the interface between church and culture.

If this was around when I was going through the selection process, then my life would have been much easier. This does mean, that there are beginning to be opportunities for people who find a home in fresh expressions such as Moot, to seek ordination with a call to do similar church projects in the same or different contexts. So this is a good move for those who are considering training.... Not so great for those who are trained and are looking for pioneering opprtunities, which there are a surprising many, who are deacons and priests who have had to face the difficulties of serving a title that is overly focused on doing traditional church, and neglects their call to innovative mission and .contextual church... Hopefully this will be the next development, to create opprtunities for those who are called to be pioneer ministers who are already trained and battling to keep going. However, this does not undervalue that things are moving in the right direction.

For further info on the article in the Church of England Newspaper, click here.

On a similar note, A funding proposal has now been drafted and is now going to those with responsbility for Moot, (The Vicar of St Matthews Westminster & the Archdeacon of Charing Cross), to check the application to support the creation of a fulltime post of an ordained Pioneer Minister/Moot Project Worker to assist the Moot community to develop its activity and ministry....... Please pray and watch this space to see if we are successful. I will post the application once it has been submitted.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

And just one more thing....

... to make you laugh. Sit down, relax put a few minutes aside, and go here.


Whilst we are on the Subject........

Thought i'd recommend the most fascinating site I think i've ever come across on the internet.

Show and Tell Music is a gallery of the most Obscure, (and that's a Capital O), recordings and Artwork unearthed from American Dimestores by someone with a real obsession for the aforementioned...

Higlights for me are Little Ralph, the 9yr old precher who must be heard to be believed; Baby LuLu - I don't know where to begin here; and the Christian Astronauts in outer space.

The site covers all sorts of Subjects, but the Christian Galleries have a major interest to me. Kind of everything that Flannery O'Connor would have warned us about and celebrated too.

Although the initial response is 'How Bizarre - this cannot be serious!', I found this site also suggests something very powerful about the naivitť, fragility, and conviction of the artists involved. Maybe they truly 'come to me as little children'.

Laugh, (and then ponder...)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

And for further amusement....
I received an amusing website from a friend and upstanding member of the Church of England establishment, concerning the 'University of Bums on seats', enjoy.... no reference to particular fundamentalist approaches to evangelism intended... see here

Monday, October 10, 2005

Rapture today index
Well all is not well in the world at the moment. To come to think about it, the last couple of years and especially this year have not been good with many disasters, bombings and much more affecting much of the world. In an attempt to cheer myself up a bit, I went to the 'rapture today index' which reports to be a serious website predicting the elements that would make the rapture more possible - well I was very disappointed to see that it was surprising low given the floods, earthquakes, tidal waves, bombs..... However the rapture predictions were much higher when it affected the United States or America Citzens and army...... I wonder if they think the rapture is going to commence in North America - or outside America..... Anyway, if you fancy a bit of findamentalist light relief, check it out..... I particularly enjoy the qualifying criteria..... enjoy..

Sunday, October 09, 2005



I was at Neasden Mandir, (Hindu Temple), with the school the other day and took part in a fire purification ceremony.

Itís my second visit there, (the first was when I accidentally turned up at the wrong temple and it took me about 45 minutes to realise and leave!). The place has to be seen to be believed, it really quite stunning and is a fantastic symbol of racial and religious co-existence in this country. Itís an honour to be there. Self-funded and hand carved to intricate detail in India there is nowhere else like it in the UK.

I was also struck by the theology that is ascribed to the Gods, in that the statues are built as statues, but then - during a purification and blessing ceremony - they take on the spirit of God and there become a part of God. They are no longer Statues - they are truly divine. Itís like an extension of transubstantiation I suppose, (but a little further Ö.). It also resonates with my own passion for the immanence of G-dís spirit in all things; matter, thought and dreams. It was a blessing of G-d to be there and to take part in worship of the divine source of all our lives.

Itís strange of course to be in such an unusual environment and looking for common symbols and archetypes, but the diversity is a revelation in itself. To be in an environment of devout worshippers but having little insight into the subtle dynamics of the faith is a fascinating, challenging but rewarding situation.

I really enjoy forays into places of worship for other faiths and always find the experience thrilling and echoing with the presence of G-d.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I've always been a fan of Wendell Berry - a friend sent me this article and i thought it tied in with a lot of the conversation in MOOT over the last little while .

let me know your thoughts


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Moot Scripture Space
Jonathan leads an adapted Scripture Space on Tuesday 11th October in the Moot Room in the Tower, to explore Genesis 32:22-32. Unlike previous weeks, this will be more of a discussion following feedback from the last session. So please do read the passage, see you then.

For more information on Moot Scripture space click here

Monday, October 03, 2005

Theologising in the Emerging Church
Pleased to say that my article on the above issue has been published on the emerging church UK portal. I would be interested to hear if it raises any issues for people here...cheers..

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