Monday, June 27, 2005

Saw Thievery Corporation tonight at Koko in Camden. They were fab. Big beats, fat bass and even the occasional sitar. Highlight of the night was a song that was apparently about the bad guy in Washington DC — ummm wonder who that was — sounded great, no idea what on earth the two guys were singing about but it got the whole place moving...

A few of us are planning to go to the Optronica night at the Spitz on the 23rd July. Optronica is a festival thats being put on by the NFT that explores DJing and VJing, the Spitz night features some wicked DJs and VJs slugging it out - should be fun. If you fancy going leave a comment and I'll get back to you. There is alos a live set being performed on the 22nd July at 10.30pm where some VJ's will mix up sounds and images onto the side of the NFT building.

New Blogs
Some will know Mark Pierson who started up Cityside Baptist Church in Auckland, who was one of the grandees of fresh approaches to being church, has started up a new blog in his Melbourne new urban context Australia Click here if you to check out his new blog.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

moot service: Design for Life

A few of us in moot have been thinking about developing the idea of a “Rule of Life”. A Rule of Life is a church tradition that many denominations have.
The Fransiscans have one, the Dominicans have one, and so on.

It is a set of ideas, principles or vows, that we, at some level, assent to and want to practise everyday in our lives. It is not a yardstick to measure who’s in or who’s out, but rather something that we can use on a daily basis to enable us to practise spirituality.

However tonight’s service was not a sermon about Rules of Life, but a series of meditations, prayers and activities designed to help us worship and think through what a Rule of Life for moot might look like. So far we’ve come up with six broad headings.

1. Balance
2. Worship
3. Prayer
4. Community
5. Praxis
6. Mission

This is a suggestion of what things the Rule of Life might have in it, based on information that we have collected from the community so far. It’s not an exhaustive list, and we welcome your suggestions for things that I might have missed out.

Hopefully, by the end of this service people were inspired by these principles, encouraged to pray through the Rule of Life, and have some thoughts about how to can creatively employ them in their own lives.

I've uploaded some of the readings and songs lyrics that were used in the service for your perusal. Download them at the bottom of this post.

One funny thing - apparently when I first spoke into the mic this evening, my unborn child gave a bit of a kick in the womb. "Oh no, not THAT VOICE again!"


Saturday, June 25, 2005


Mike goes clerical & Car boot sale
Who says Moot doesn't try traditional things. I have to Mike looks much better in the kit than I do - although he does create a slight scandanavian feel to the whole thing.

The other pictures are evidence of people from St Matthew's travelling to Battersea for a car boot sale. I am still repenting from applying coercive sales pressure on people to by tack and **ap. It is amazing what people buy really.....

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Bishop of London @ Moot
Please find below a copy of the talk Bishop Richard gave to Moot and St Matthews yesterday.
See link below..

Bishops talk to Moot - The Church and Fresh Expressions.rtf

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bishop Emerging

Really great evening tonight with the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres. Lots of people braved the stifling London summer heat, to listen to the Bishop give a potted history of emergence over the past 2000 years.

Putting what we do in context helped us understand the value of what moot does, and understand the precedents for emergence. We went from Samuel and Henrietta Barnett to Central European history and beyond - in one evening. He talked about the church's mission and essence as "Re-membering" Christ, as opposed to dismembering (factions, lack of tolerance and schism). The Bishop was totally on form, was happy to field some searching questions from the floor, and generally bigged up the moot.


Monday, June 20, 2005


We continue with the monthly encouragement to experiment with prayer using the book “How to Pray” by John Pritchard.

One of the most profound ways of encountering Jesus is through a form of prayer known as ‘Ignatian meditation’ after St Ignatius Loyola, who founded the Jesuits (Society of Jesus). In recent years this way of entering the events recorded in the Bible has proved popular with all sorts of people because it’s an immediate, experiential and powerful way of praying – not just a Bible study involving the mind, but a living encounter with Christ involving the whole personality.

The essence of this way of praying is that we go into the Gospel event with all our senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. We go through the event as a participant, experiencing the smell of the air at Capernaum, the blazing sun on our head, the rough working clothes people have on, the look on people’s faces. And so we watch the event from inside the story, not from reading pages in a book, and this in turn may bring us face to face with Jesus himself, and our conversation with him can be a most precious encounter and the most personal of prayers.

Experiment with the meditation below to download….


Sunday, June 19, 2005

U2 Vertigo tour Twickenham

What can I say, it was spectacular, worshipful, about justice, and moving. Mike the most committed had queued for front row view whilst Gareth, Philippa and Jonathan Bartley stood half way, and Milly, Clayton,Carey, Ian, Clare and John Hayns were sitting further back.

The pic above was a link between the religious symbols of Islam, Christianity and Judaism to co-exist – which was very moving, including a reciting of the international charter of human rights…….. what can I say U2 are legends.

Who said God was present, there were clerg with dog collars present… some movie clips of the gig for your enjoyment


Saturday, June 18, 2005

"I'm a LAYDEE"
I’ve been thinking a bit about gender stuff…

We had a bit of a discussion some time ago (couldn’t seem to access all our archives to link to it) about women on the blog and in emerging church leadership/thinking.
It sparked a few thoughts that I never got around to posting. Then it all came back to me after reading this post by mumjones on womanhood.

Having grown up a bit of a tom-boy (2 older brothers to emulate) and gone to a rather feminist-leaning girls’ grammar school, I’ve never been a very girly girl, and I’ve often felt that my strong desire to have children and raise them myself would in some way be “letting the side down”.

What I’m coming to realize (I know – it’s taken me a long time!) is that I don’t have to be an academic or a career woman to be a strong woman. Of course I believe in equal rights and opportunities for women & men, but that doesn’t mean I have to try to be like a man (however you would define that!).

Being a woman is fantastic! Being a pregnant woman is amazing! I can be a woman without wearing pink frilly skirts (although I will if I want to!) or high-heeled shoes (the bunions don’t allow!). I can also be strong in my own way.

This also fits into the “women in emerging church” debate we had previously. It’s not about whether I’m a woman or not. In moot, I know that if I want to have my say, I’ll be listened to. But, like many within emerging church (men and women) I’m not a theologian. If I haven’t joined in the theological debates so far, it’s not because I’m a woman – it’s because I don’t feel engaged by it. This isn’t a criticism. I’m happy for the theologians to debate, I think it’s important. But I shouldn’t feel pressured to join in just because I’m a woman and there aren’t enough of us.

To steal and subvert the analogy Suzy used in the previous debate: The men have rightly invited the women into the library for whisky and cigars and debate, but maybe in return, they should join the remaining women in the parlour for a spot of embroidery – they might discover more profound things going on than they expect…

I’ve already felt/benefited from the influence of the women in moot. Don’t think the girls’ prayer groups are just a chance for us to get together and gossip (although that part is fun ;-) ) I always come away at the end feeling excited and empowered. The women in moot may be a quiet(ish) minority at the moment, but I think we’re getting stronger and could soon be a force to be reckoned with (although you may not always be aware of it!)

And another great thing is: I know that the moot men will rejoice, and not be threatened, when it happens!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bishop of London coming to SMW...
To remind you all, the Bishop of London Richard Charteris is coming to SMW at the invitation of Moot, 7.30pm Weds 22nd June. Please add to comments to confirm you are coming.

Being Human - Moot Service

Thanks to Danny for planning and organising the Moot Service on Sunday on the theme of being human. Using pictures to express how you feel about being human in our contemporary society was very moving.

Friday, June 10, 2005

We have neary come to the end of our trip and are spending the last day trying to get the last shots we need and then its off home.

For me the really disturbing thing about this trip has been the sheer number of people aroudn us who suscribe to a Christian Zionist perspective - in a nutshellthat the Jews need to reclaim the land and rebuild the temple before Jesus can come back) - this profoundly blinds people's eyes to the obvious plight that this causes to those who are not Jews and have been forced off their land, and for the tens of thousands of refugees in Jordan and Syria, out of there country.
These people have the same core belief about Christ, and emphasise Christ's life as an example to us all. Yet a really warped literalism interpretation of a very small portion of scripture has meant that for many life is made a living hell. Without the support of Christian Zionists, particularly those in the US, Israel would be unable to continue on such a path of downright disregard for international law and such obvious disdain for those who live in the West Bank and the Gaza strip.

It saddens me when the bible is used in such as way, where the core story of gods liberating purpose for humanity is lost, and gods ultimate vision of a city where all are welcome, and all bring worship in their own way has been distorted.

Thursday, June 09, 2005


...and a good time was had by all - including me!

I've never really been a great fan of open studios, but tonight's was really enjoyable. They came, they drank my wine, and they bought stuff.

The reaction to my two "Trinity" pieces was very favourable. Discussions had about Jung's version of the trinity, exclusion and Palestine. And they say art is dumbing down.

The trickster in me really enjoyed people stuggling to interpret my piece "Monkey shoes point forward" It's a bit of a departure for me, but sometimes you need to do something a bit different to shake things up a bit - for you AND the viewer. And I'm still not going to tell you what it's "about"....

Scripture Space 15th June
To remind you all, it is that time again when we need to prepare for doing scriptural text explorations of Acts 2:41-47, 4:32-37, drawing on the issues that Jonathan Bartley raised in the discussion on church and politics yesterday. I need volunteers again for:

volunteer 1: Questions 1 - 3
volunteer 2: Qurstions 4&5
volunteer 3: Questions 6&7
volunteer 4: Question 8 You really need to prepare for this more than 1 day in advance and do some research.
volunteer 5: Questions 9&10

Can I restate, that leaving it to the last minute to look up a few references doesn't really help us go deeper in understanding and therefore limits our praxis, so can I encourage prepares to give it a bit more time......

For a copy of the tool and guidance see the scripture space page on the website. As before can volunteers either send me an email or add their name to which questions below.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Moot Room in the Tower
Pleased to say that we have now kicked off events on the new Moot meeting room in the St Matthew's tower. We are trying to create a conducive space for spirituality, community, living room and coffee. We have started, and need to develop this more. A list of essentials has been sent round the community to see if they will commit to buying certain elements.

We kicked off tonight with a discussion with Jonathan Bartley, Director of Ecclesia the Christian political think tank and author, who led a discussion on Christianity and politics, drawing on a political reading and discourse of scripture. The discussion raised a number of thoughts concerning praxis, and how much to take on of the practices of the early church. If there are any questions or thoughts that come out of the discussion add them to the comments section below.

As promised I will add the Letter to Dyoni.... here when I find it again...

Monday, June 06, 2005

The financial struggle of the emerging church
Si Johnston has just written a very insightful and excellent reflection of the current state of things regarding the emerging church. I strongly suggest you check out his posting here

In his posting he summarises the state of play....

I have 10 observations with implications for our new leadership environment:
1. Denominational institutions have resources but are risk averse.
2. Emerging mission is inclusive of traditions and history and also would benefit from the financial resources tied up in the traditional church.
3. Because emerging mission and church planting is, relatively speaking, in its infancy and these indigenous new Christian communities do not sit well with the criteria by which church growth models measure success (still the enduring church success criteria), there is a reluctance to invest.
4. Funding is unlikely because we are unable to reduce kingdom building into quantifiable categories meriting reward. Our goals are neither SMARTED nor commercially viable but measured very differently by those involved in mission.
5. New leaders will most likely have to engage in tent-making because so much of the church is locked into the 'safe christendom mode'. This may or may not be advantageous. The world might be more receptive to tent-makers although the scripture also seems to create space for those who have no other concerns but mission (a good worker is worth their wage etc).
6. Injunctions such as those in Luke 9 and 10 of some being 'sent' to destination 'unknown' with 'nothing' but the sole imperative to build God's kingdom, is largely alien territory because the tried and tested paths are to be trusted only.
7. 'Mission' is still too often regarded as bringing Jesus to the outer reaches of our world and therefore not taken seriously in our own backyard. Most churches, sitting in their 'come-to-us huddles' (setting aside occasional forays into their neighbourhoods and calling it 'mission'), are perfectly willing to get behind, pray for, and fund a family that uproots to some small island somewhere, but those committed to our own isles/communities are merely 'commendable'.
8. As most of our work - at least to date - is funded relationally, this will be limited because those who see the potential are, in general, younger and have less equity to support out of.
9. There must be a return to the 5 modes of leadership lsited in Ephesians 4 - Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, Prophet, Apostle - if the church is to see significant turn around in the West.
10. Seminaries/Bible Colleges are not recognising the conditions in which leadership occurs today and are thus conveyor belting only Pastor/Teachers.

Bethan & Graham
Pleased to say I spoke to Bethan & Graham - doing well. A little alarmed to hear they were having a kebab in Benidorm - such style i ask you - anyway check out the audrey link to the left.

Ecological Justice
Thought I would flag this up. Many are now compensating the environment for flight travel pollution. You can calculate the cost of particular modes of transport - and then pay money to a forest project to plant trees to the equivalent of the polution your trip has made. It is a good stewardship principle. For the more cynical amongst us, they have a verification programme. For more info check out future forest

Moot Community Weekend

A small, select group of us braved the uncertain weather and the wilds of Hampstead Heath for a bit of a walk on Saturday (where were the rest of you – lazy buggers!). As a South of the River girl, I’ve only been there once before. It’s amazing that after 36 years in London, there are still so many things I haven’t seen.

Then back to the south, to Dieter & Tamara’s and another first – for at least a couple of us it was the first time we’d been to Old Kent Road! A very pleasant evening was spent eating curry and playing cards – and we managed to turn Fiona into a “7’s” fiend (at least someone managed to beat Mike)

On Sunday, a good number of us went to the St Matthew’s morning service and, due to a rather dodgy forecast, abandoned the planned picnic for a pub lunch at the Lord High Admiral – who were doing an “all you can eat” barbecue.

Thanks to everyone who came, and especially to Dieter & Tamara (and Suzy the cat) for hosting us on Sat evening.

I now need to start remembering that weekends are an opportunity for me to recover from the week, rather than a time to use up all remaining energy!!

Right, I'm off to bed...


well have made it to Israel...

I am sitting in a cafe in central jerusalem with 10,000's of Israeli's walking by outside waving flags and singing. today they celebrate the indepedence of Jerusalem when they seized back the city in 1957 (I think thats right). Its a pretty incredible sight, there are so many police and military (most of which look 14) and thousands of young people all wavnig flags dancing and singing songs...

It really hits you that religion dicates life here probably more than anywhere else in the world.

Tomorrow we are off to the West Bank to interview a Palestinian Christian, hopefully whilst walking alongside the infamous wall that Israel is building. They guy works for
Musalaha with Palestinian and Israeli christians, helping them meet together and trying to bring reconciliation between these two groups - its hard work and not made easier by they pretty much complete shut down of the borders between Israel and the West Bank/Gaza strip. We have heard hopeful storties as well as desparing stories.

The history of this place shapes and moulds people, and the propoganda on both sides is everywhere. Its very difficult to see a break through the impass, but good to hear of people who are genuine in their attempts to understand the 'enemy'.

Sunday, June 05, 2005


Most people who know me will also know that U2 are my all-time favourite all-time band of all time. Ever.

"City of Blinding Lights", the new single, is due out on Monday 6th June, but check out the video version, and something strange happens...

It's a live version of the song, and instead of of playing the fourths on hi-hats, Larry plays them on the snare, with a slight hip-hop shuffle feel.

Also Adam doubles up the bass notes (and plays keyboards, bizarrely).

The result is that a song that is not necessarily the best on the album absolutely dances, sings, soars and flies away up to the rafters.

The video is good and you can see it here, but there's a much better version if you are a member of the website here.

Good enough to get single of the week in The Guardian this Saturday. Never thought I'd live to see the day....

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Why do I always do it to myself?

...with exactly a week until the show, I'm STILL putting finishing touches to various works of art. One day, I will have everything together in plenty of time to relax and enjoy the night. Ah well...

The open studio is on Thursday 9th June, 6.05 - 9pm
St. Matthew's, Westminster
20 Great Peter Street

Bring friends with deep pockets... (and long arms).


Tonight we met Michael Barlow and his compatriot Paul from San Fransisco they're both in the Episcopal Church there, Michael particularly involved with mission and evangelism. Dan Heard cooked an absolutely blinding Spaghetti Bolognaise, and with the addition of some great wine, we were off.

It was brilliant to talk to these guys about emerging church in the US - the differences and similarities, and to share something about how we're finding things.

It's funny how sometimes you don't realise stuff until you actually verbalise it, and it's also funny how people who come from outside our group perceive things differently. Without going into too much detail, the guys were really encouraging (to use an icky evangelical phrase), and I came away appreciating the value of what we do more so, and more determined to see things go forward.

They really were fantastic guys (I know that they read this blog) and here's to many more interchanges like this in the future. And they were very tolerant of a very poor digital joke. I had had a lot of wine by that point in my defense.

Moot community weekend

As you may know, we're planning some social events this coming weekend for anyone involved in moot.

The details are as follows:

Sat 4th June - walk
meet: Leaving at 2pm from Archway tube station. (i.e. get there BEFORE 2pm!)
Walk should be about 4.5 miles - nothing too strenuous - if I can do it so can you!
I expect we'll end up in a pub for a drink.

Sat 4th June - evening
meet: 7pm at Dieter & Tamara's
(contact me for address)
We'll order some pizzas or other takeaway. Bring a game if you've got one (Triv Pursuit, Monopoly etc) and something to drink.
Please can you let me know (today or tomorrow) if you're thinking of coming to this one, so we can make sure we've got enough space!

Sun 5th June - lunch
meet: after St Matthew's morning service. We'll set off about 12.30pm from St Matt's to a local park for a picnic. Bring some shareable lunch and a frisbee if you feel energetic!

If the weather is looking uncertain on Saturday, call me to check the walk is going ahead
If the weather is bad on Sunday, we may abandon the picnic and have a pub lunch!

Hope to see you at some point over the weekend!

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